Saturday, April 8, 2017

Countdown to Historic Wooster Square's 44th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival!

Wooster Square Farmer's Market opens to 

throngs of Foodie Folks!

Hard to believe that our 
Hallowed Hanami Heaven, 
Historic Wooster Square
 is celebrating 
44 years of celebrating blossoms!

I have only been documenting them for 
10 of those years.

Writing about them for 5!

This is the 5th Anniversary of the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog



The World's First, Only
(and probably the best)

Holy Hanami History!!!

So what exactly is Hanami?

Well, since your new here I'll clue you in.

In Japan, where the tradition started, people gather on blankets under 
Cherry Trees during Peak Poppadge.
(when 70% trees are blooming)

Families, co-workers, everyone...
eat, drink, take selfies and...

Oh do they party. 

Like for twenty four hours.

Of course, this being 
New England and all
we are a little subdued. Our Party
only last from Noon to 4:30
Sunday, April 23, 2017.

So, the question is...
What stage are the blossoms in?

That's why we're here folks!

Lot's of photos and analysis
so let's go to the video tape!
(just scroll down)

Doesn't look like much, but
after a few days of warmth
Look Out!

Most trees, are in the 
Extension of Florets stage.
(about 12 days)

Not a Cherry Blossom

These Blossoms on Hughes Place
are usually the first Pop.
Right on Schedule.
These are 6-10 days from Peak.

Keep in mind that our Cherry trees have
a life span of only about 15 years.

In a stressed, city environment 
the trees life spans are shortened.

However, we keep planting.

Therefore, you are able to find some trees
that look like they will Pop anytime,
and those that haven't started.


Next week's expected warm snap
should make things interesting.
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You do not want to
miss our Pink and White Bliss!

Our Tree at

Academy and Chapel
(or Sunshine and Happiness)
has Popped!

But this guy doesn't really count.
It bloomed on Christmas day 
and New Years Day.

Get your blankets ready!

Historic Hanami High Expected

Tick, Tick...tick

Wooster Square

Walk the walk!

Pink People Pleasers

History Loves Company

Join the Party People!

Neighborhood Niceties

 Sun kissed cuties

Ha! A Lincoln Sparrow!

Migrating through to Northern Canada!

Migrate your way to our sweet slice of Paradise.

Future Firework Fun

About 12 days

Hughes Place Replanting

Sadly, our Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness
had to be "pruned". Several trees were 
dying and dead. 8 trees on the East Side.


These trees on the left are now little!

Be a while for this...

Peak, 4-21-13

Next Weekend is looking like a 
Pizza Park Party People!

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See you on Wooster Street 
See You Round the Square!

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Make the move downtown!
See what all the fun is about!

Live above the City,
Sleep among the Stars!

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