Saturday, October 21, 2017

Halfway on Horological Highway to our Hallowed Hanami Heaven!

Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms set
to Peak Poppadge on April 22, 2018.

Next March will mark the 6th year of the
Wooster Square Blossom Blog.

"April in Wooster Square"

The Blog's main purpose is to identify, predict, and even
cajole our Perfect Pink Pretties,
(cherry blossoms) 
then document them till the last Blossom Drops!

Blossom Snow

Mission accomplished.

Oh the fun we have had over the years!

Over 210 
Pertinent Poignant Pretty Pink Park Posts People!

 Hundreds of Thousands of Hanami Hits

Over 75,000 photos

5 Million google+ views of WSBB content

The best part?

It's all delivered to you FREE of charge,
straight to your 
Adopted Device of Vice.

Morning glories glow!

We have celebrated Fiery, Fickle, Flowery Fun, and the heartbreak of wind, rain and the elements.

Along the way we have learned a lot about
Wooster Square and New Haven.

We haven't missed one Beautiful Blossom,
documenting it all on the 
World's First Photoblogumentary!

The eyes have it! It's Hip to be Square!
Wooster That is!

So as we head into Fall and the 
Holidays and the stillness of winter, 
we can have the
eternal hope of Spring.

A Rebirth.

And the Short lived Beauty
of our Sacred Sweet Sensational Sakura Trees...

St. Michael's

Last years Blossoms were such at treat and right
on schedule. You'll remember, a cold snap nipped
Washington DC buds to a 50% failure rate.

Our Sweet Square Sakuras were not damaged,
albeit slowed a bit. The Wooster Square
Blossom Blog shared photos with the DC Parks
department as to what might happen. 
(ours were damaged by a freeze a few years ago)
(we aren't a large group of 
Au fait facile foto flower followers)

Quite an important position this
Chief Blossomologist!

I bet the pay in Washington is better!
(If they still have the position!)

But there always will be the ONE SOURCE-
your go to for all your Blossom Information


Wooster Square Blossom Blog!

Be Sure to mark your Calendars!

Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms
set to Peak on April 22, 2018!

Just Six Month Away!


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See You Round the Square!

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