Saturday, February 17, 2018

Connecticut has Four Seasons, and the best is yet to come!

Historic Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms Set to Peak on April 22, 2018!!

How can I be so certain?

Well, going on 6 years of predicting,
cajoling, promoting, explaining
and of course photographing these
funky fickle flowers... 
you get a feeling about this phenomenon!*
*I actually just take pictures everyday, so
that you know exactly what they look like
as they are starting bloom, peak and bust! 

5 Year Time Lapse Hughes Place

Blossom Mathematics

First, a quick Quiz:
Cherry Blossoms...
a. Peak in March, April or May
b. Peak whenever their good and ready.
C. When the Blossom Blogger tells me when they peak.

The Correct Answer? Yes.
(I never was really good in skool)

Peak Hughes Place

Anyone of these events has happened.
They have popped in March and 
stayed as late as May. 

We find a pattern. But they
don't ever follow exactly. 

A cold snap during Peduncle Elongation?


Rains and extreme winds after Peak?

Blossom Snow!

Blossom Blogging Bummer!

So if you are serious enough,
you'll just sign up for
email updates so you 
won't miss out on
one of the Natural Wonders
of Wooster Square!

Cause, even if it looks like this
tomorrow morning...

"Wooster Winterland"

45th Annual Wooster Square
Cherry Blossom Festival!
April 22, 2018.

From Noon till 4:30 we Party likes it's 1999!
Music, Food, Dancing, Local Art, Food!

Last year the Blossom Blog Mainframe, the National Park Service, and the New Haven Parks Dept estimated the crowd at 11,000.

And the Blossoms really cooperated.

Wait, what?

April in Wooster Square 2006

Yes, folks, the Festival doesn't always fall
on the Peak of the Pink Pretties.

Is it all just a bit too much?

Well, yes but all you need to do is:
1. Stay sheltered. Yes, it's winter stay inside when possible.
2. Sign up for email delivery of blog posts piping hot to your inbox of choice. FREE free FREE free
3. Follow the Wooster Square Blossom Blog Facebook page 
4. Follow the Blossom Blogger on Twitter for all breaking blossom business!
5. Head to Wooster Square!!

Make Tracks for New Haven!

Essex Steam Train

See You on the Rails
See You Round the Square!

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Thanks Sponsors!

Care to live in the Square?
Call or Text Cheryl for 
a private showing!

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