Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wooster Square Blossom Blog: SPECIAL REPORT 2018!

Breaking Blossom Blog Business!

First Flowers Find Fans

Tired of the Cold?

Waiting for Warmth?

Too busy to notice?

Great, all you need is a phone and a link
to this Blog. And Voila! 

Spring is brought right to your device of
choice, all warm n fuzzy and in technicolor.

Daffodils doing dandy!

As Chief Blossomologist for the 
Wooster Square Cherry trees, I have
the important honor of holding your
hands down this stroll through 
beauty and happiness.

Let's Make History no Mystery! 

Cherry Blossom History Wooster Square

Our Cherry Blossoms have been 
blooming for 44 years!
(I only have been here since 2006)

We are constantly replacing trees as needed.
Our Sweet Sakuras have a lifespan of
about 30 years under good conditions.

Square's Sakura's still sleeping soundly

So I'm sure some folks have noticed it's
warmer, we are close to Spring and
it was 80 degrees in Washington DC.

Like Best Buddies, Cherry Blossoms Bloomed
Brightly in the DC Basin!

Of course, they didn't all Pop. And
they will be quite confused if it turns cold again.

Remember last year, DC's buds came early
and a snowstorm hit with cold. Blossoms
were held to about 50% of their normal blossoms.

Check out the DC take and Cherry Blossom101

Here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square,
our weather has been temperate. No signs
of early blossom or any reason for panic.

Right now we are in a Holding pattern, however,
please keep your seat belt fastened, at
times the ride can get bumpy!!  
Corner of Sunshine and Happiness

Good News! 

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Right in Depalma Court where the
Summer Farmers Market is!

Zip down, grab a pie, zip back!

Won't be long now!

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Keep Calm
Hanami On!

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