Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring finds frosty frigid forecast here in Wooster Square!

Sluggish start for Cherry Blossoms 

I am frequently asked,
when will the Cherry Blossoms
be peaking in Wooster Square?


Kinda goes with territory here
at the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog.

The real question is,
when will it start to get warm?

Pretty bare out there in the Square

Hence, you see the trickiness in
predicting when our sweet sakuras
(cherry trees)
will be bountiful with blossoms.

Stage one, green buds barely

In an email to me today,
 Michael Stachowicz of the National Park Service
Chief Blossomologist 
in Washington DC, said,
"Our temperature model has been thrown off by March being in February and February being in March.  we moved our dates once, may have to move them again.  We just got to florets visible and it took forever (18 days)."

These are precarious times
for Blossomologists. We tend
to stick together us blossom buddies.

Snow? Bring it on!

To make Blossom predictions you 
rely on science, weather,
temperature, precipitation, history
and boil it down to an educated guess.

And that guess is a moving target, as
you can see from Michael's note 
to me this morning.

Blossoms Babies

You see, once 
Washington DC's Cherry Blossoms are peak
(70% in full bloom)
ours tend to historically be 
about 16 days later.

So... if Washington DC just got to "florets"
that is 16-21 days until peak.

Which if you do the math, 
will make ours roughly the day of the 
45th Annual Historic 
Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!

April 22, 2018

Not a lot of action, snow tomorrow 3-21-18

That's right Folks!

Because in all reality, the Festival is planned a year in advance.

Our Cherry Blossoms just have to cooperate a little. And boy are they ever trying to peak around the Festival!!

That's why when asked if 
Mr Stachowicz of the NPS had
any cherry blossom rituals he said
he spends the time a nervous wreck!

Hey, at least he's got a paying gig!

Peak 2017

How will you find out when
Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms Pop?

Peak last year 2017

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Stay Warm
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