Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Florets Found Flourishing, Signaling when our Cherry Blossoms just might Peak!

Slow start to Spring in World Famous, Historic Wooster Square!

First Florets Folks!

Mother Nature is obviously on Break and
Old Man Winter hanging on by his snowbanks.

Here in Wooster Square, we have had
weeks of below temperatures.

The best part about the Cold?


You thought I could serenade
your wicked weather away?

Nope, here at the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog we are in 
Cherry Blossom Alert Territory!

Washington DC's Blossoms are in the 
last "Puffy White" stage.

This means that they are days away from Peak.

So what does this all mean to 
us in our 
Sweet Sakura Square 
Hanami Heaven?

Let's look at some pictures from 
today, April 3rd, 2018 while the
Blossom Blog mainframe 
computes the information...

Main Street of Apizza People!

Fence Foto Fun 

Winter Hangs on. And on.

This Buds for You!

Purple People Pleasers

Hanami Heaven on Hold

Future Fireworks

Say that ain't Snow!

Flower Founder Corner 

These tulips don't lie!

 Corner of Sunshine and Happiness

 Our Perpetually Blooming Tree at 
Academy and Chapel Street is always ready to please
Bloomed in December too!

 Show Off!

Budding with Confidence!

Pink Nation!!!

So, where do we stand on April 3rd?

Normally...we should see peak bloom in 
about 16-21 days.  
Putting Peak People 
right around the 
45th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival!
April 22, 2018

****Photographer Alert****

Planning a photo shoot for a wedding,
new baby, engagement, Love! or
just plain photos of blossoms,
mark your calendars!

Also, everyone follow the Facebook page
and me on twitter @ blossomblogger.

Updates coming every few days!

Keep the Faith 
See You around the Square! 

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