Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Does anyone really know what day it is? Does anybody really care?

 68 Days Until Wooster Square is in Full Bloom!

 If you thought last year went wicked fast,
just wait for how fast this Winter of 2121 will be.

A couple of cold days, shovel a little snow. Staying
inside, safe and warm. Covid be damned! 

For some, this monotony is just getting too old. Even those introverts who relished the time at home, have ants in their pants to something. ANYTHING!

Hey 2021! Let's just skip straight to Spring!

If only.

Have you voted in the 
4th Annual
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate?

The Debate is about where do you go
for that special everyday go to pie.

You know, takeout.

Now it may be the same place 
as you go and sit down and eat as well. 
But this is specifically where you go, they know you when you call,and they know what you want.

And you get that steaming hot
pie home paying strict attention
to the time it comes out of the
oven until it burns the crap
out of the roof of your mouth at home.

Before I tell you how to vote, take a look
at some photos from around the Square.

No green, no Blossoms

Make History no Mystery

Cold Square waits warmth

We wait, we wonder.

Frozen Fence Foto Fun Folks!

Cooper's Hawk visiting Wooster Street.

Here's lookin at you kid.

Shake it off!

Keep the pets indoors!

To Vote for your Favorite takeout pizza,

simply put the name in the subject line
and email to:

This also enters you to win a $100 Gift
certificate to your favorite pizza pie place people!

Thanks to our Sponsor, Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor
at Seabury Hill Realtors on Wooster Street!

Call or text Cheryl today for all your
Real Estate needs.

See You getting TakeOut
See You Round the Square!!

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