Thursday, March 29, 2012


I bumped into our Cherry Blossom Festival Chairman this morning while out for a chilly walk. Charlie Murphy says that there is a lot to learn and to be done in his first year, but that it is very exciting. Of course one of the biggest challenges of the Festival is when to have it. That is EASY. When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom! However, each year the Cherry Trees seem to have not gotten the memo. And I have told you about the young trees who seem to bloom whenever they want.

The challenge too is that Easter is one darn tricky Holiday. It is always hopping from one Sunday to another, April or sometimes March. Then throw in a Good Friday, Palm Sunday and a host of other family related days and then you can come to understand why it becomes difficult. That and add in weather being cold, hot, windy, rainy, snowy etc. 

I wish all the Festival organizers the best and if you are looking to help in anyway they is always room for an extra pair of hands! The Cherry Blossom Festival is April 15h and is a lot of fun. Bring the whole family because there is something for everyone. Especially food! 

Read more here on the Historic Wooster Square Association 

Before you take a look at some of today's photos, I would like to invite you to come by Creative Arts Workshop tomorrow afternoon, Friday March 30th. I have an all Cherry Blossom Photography exhibit, called Hanami,  that has an opening reception from 5-7. Feel free to stop by and say hi!
Creative Arts Workshop is at 80 Audubon Street. If you can't come by tomorrow, the exhibit is on display until April 13.

Hughes Place hasn't really fully popped yet, but it is getting very close. My prediction of tomorrow for full poppadge on Hughes Place has been recorded so I will stick with it! Looks like Sunday will be the better of the 2 weekend days so come down to Wooster Square and don't forget your camera!

Looking at corner of Academy & Greene 

Hughes Place and St. John
Pink Nation!

Other reasons we love Spring!