Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hail No! Rain Yes!

On this mornings walk with Chyna and Zippy,  I started to panic! They look so ready to pop! So I took an inventory of trees in the Park that are in full bloom. 8 or 9. But again, these are all newly planted trees and for some reason all over this earth- juveniles can tend to get out of control. The Park is not yet in its full glory, not even Hughes Place. But it is much closer to maximum poppadge (when you have a blog about blooms you are allowed to make up names). 

How Close?
I compared photos from last year to todays photo and came up with the one that looks the closest. You can see they are pretty close. Then look at the one that is in full bloom, the next day they start slightly drooping until green. But look at that date, April 26.
Not only is it a jaw dropping month early this year BUT it is 8 days later until maximum poppadge, then receding from there.

However, this year is on a fast track, so 4 days until pop here then 3-5 days later for the park could be a good guess.

 So we are heading into full bloom for Hughes Place. Friday will be a good day to drive to Wooster Square, drive down Hughes Place on your way to one of our wonderful restaurants. (Google map it, it is worth the drive from anywhere!). The Park won't be as far along, but the blossoms are so beautiful any way they look through this process! More pictures after the comparison, the sun came out and it is beautiful in Wooster Square. 

compare and you decide

March 28, 2012

April 18, 2011

April 26, 2011

Photographer Alert!
If you like taking photos of these cherry blossoms, although the park is not in peak poppadge yet, there are lots of blossoms in all types of blooms. It may also be worth it to come out get some pizza eat it in the Park and then snap away, they are good this year.... more todays pics before the sun....

Dark and stormy but no hail

You don't want to know how many shots I took...

Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms
...good to the last drop!