Monday, April 9, 2012

Blossoms in the Trees, Blossoms in the Air, Blossoms, Blossoms, EVERYWHERE!

I hope everyone had a nice and safe Passover and Easter. Today marks  25 days in a row I have been recording these beautiful Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms! Thanks for following along and I hope some of you were able to get down this weekend. Sunday was absolutely fantastic. There were hundreds of fellow blossom followers enjoying Easter Sunday in the Park.

But Oh boy! What a difference a day makes! The winds have really picked up with big gusts of over 30mph. Here is Hughes Place Sunday morning:
Compare this to Monday Morning
We lost a lot over Sunday night!

When Cheryl and I walked the dogs this morning I remarked about how kinda sad it is that the blossoms are fading away. Cheryl reminded me that behind those blossoms are green leaves and summer!  The Park is also on its last hurrah for blossoms. It has been such a great year, more pictures from yesterday and today....

More than a dusting of Wooster Square Snow!

Easter Snow Blossoms!

Sunday Glory!

More Flurries expected!

Couldn't help myself....


We Love Wooster Square!

We are past peak, but there still many reasons to come to Wooster Square! The Cherry Blossom Festival is this Sunday, April 15!!
See you there! I will have a booth so stop by and say hi!