Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blowing in the Wind

And wind there has been. Every gust scattering our pink and white petals all over. We have drifts of blossoms. Quite spectacular. We can deal with this wind. The Blossoms at peak poppadge were among the best of the last few years. We were lucky in the rain department too, probably why all these brush fires are popping up. 

So on we go, from pink and white to green. Just 4 days ago this was the view on April 6:
About peak poppadge

And todays, April 10, 2012
Fleetingly Fickle little Flowers!

Before a couple of more photos, don't forget that this Sunday, April 15 is the Cherry Blossom Festival! Come down and join the fun for the whole family. Lot's of FOOD! Read more:

More Photos from Today April 10, 2102

Academy looking south towards Chapel St

Academy looking north towards Greene Streete

Hughes Place looking towards Park

Setting the Stage

We Love Wooster Square!

Last years you tube slide show, blooms in less than a minute!