Friday, April 6, 2012

Second Half!

Today looks to be a turning point in our Blossom watch. As I write, Hughes Place still brightly burning, is a veritable snowstorm with every little breeze. Hughes Place is definitely past halfway. How much more to go is the question! Here's today's balcony shot:
Compare that again to peak last year on April 26

The two are nearly identical. This year for some reason, blossoms nearer the ground were to first to pop. So from the top they both look as peak. but underneath the canopy, it is a virtual bud snowstorm. 

This morning, Zippy wanted to walk over to Lenzi Park. This is at Chestnut and St John. Wooster Square neighbors also take part in sprucing this park up. And like his big brother, Lenzi park has Cherry Trees:
And a nice mural

The world is watching!

Another interesting thing this year is that nothing else is in bloom as far as the trees go. The Park looks dead compared to most years.
I walked the park early and got these shots:
Wooster Place looking south

Hughes Place friday morning

Cherry and a Rose (window)

Neighbor Peter T. telling authorities he did not chop down a Cherry Tree!

Buds hanging together

We are at peak in the Park as well. Depending on wind and wet weather, this will determine how long these pink and white gifts will stick around. If we hold to a schedule like last year, the buds will hang around maybe 5 more days on Hughes Place, with the Park not too much past that.

I hope that if you are in town this weekend, you will bring your family to Wooster Square to see the blossoms. Then next week, you can drop by and visit the festival. If you are out of town or out of state, enjoy your holiday and the photos!