Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wooster Square Wednesday Winners

Hughes Place is Popping!!

Walking out the door today with Cheryl, she said that today was the first day that it felt like spring. I concurred as I looked at the basket of hats and gloves still by the door. Let's just say it has been a chilly spring!

***Photographer Alert***

With the warmth of the sun today, Hughes Place is Popping as I write. Bring any device you can and head down to Wooster Square to take a drive through the Blossom Tunnel on Hughes Place in Historic Wooster Square. Here are two Hughes Views today. If you don't have an app for that, bring your mind! Memories to be Cherryshed in Wooster Square!

I am off on an adventure and will leave you in photos... come down and see for yourself!!

Opening today: Happiness!
(Hughes Place looking North)

Tunnel of Wooster Square Love
(Hughes Place looking South)

Our Buddies we have been following
Bright and Beautiful!

Remembering when they were babies

Bud Clusters

Pink and Blue...
just missing you.

Wooster Square Wows!

Park Not far behind...

Cherry Colors Coming Quickly!

Come get that peaceful kind of feeling
Picnic in the Park 

Head down to Hughes Place to see the progression or

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See You Round the Square!