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Awful Astronomically Apathetic, Abominable Arctic Air Alienates, Aggravates All!

Freezing Flower Flock-ers & Foodies Find Fun Famous Hot Homey Historic Wooster Squares' Warm Comfort Food Fantastic!

Surely... In 1982 I traded in my Michigander handle for Nutmegger (New Havener-Wooster Squarian). Oh, not because I am not a proud Michigander, or that I don't love everything Detroit. (tough to be a Lion's fan...). There is just that thing about frozen temps and long winters. 

 I remember giddily calling friends and family back around Detroit and telling them... rubbing it in... wait for it...

The Sun Shines in the Winter
in Connecticut!

Undoubtedly... That's how sometimes depressing winters can be West of I-95 (you know, the Wild Wiley Wicked West... New Jersey and beyond). 
The sun could be AWOL for weeks. 

Temps so cold it made zero feel warm.

Speaking of Detroit,
New Haven born and Cheshire raised
Brad Ausmus, Manager of the 
Detroit Tigers 
and the team have been picked by
Buster Olney 
of Connecticut's own 
to win the 2014 World Series!

Good Luck Brad!

The Wonderful World of Wooster Square has had some mild winters in the past, but these last few years have been Doggone Drastic Dramatic Darn Doozies (can you say that in a blog?) Some winters my fine friends the temps hover around 45 all winter, we get an occasional snowstorm and it starts melting when the sun comes out. 


(hey, but thanks for that internet thing)

Super Sweet Snowy Owls Follow Freeze!

We have more Snowy Owls showing up around New Haven than anyone can remember. There's some debate about perhaps the owls laid more eggs because there was more lemmings to eat. Or vice versa, which came first, the egg or the lemming. 
   Hmmm, which came first, the bacon or the egg?

An island in Long Island Sound sometimes sees three a winter and so far they have seen 33!

I don't have to tell you it was and has been cold. If you live anywhere within the sound of this Blossom Blog, you have been freezing your Hallowed Hanami Hineys, Huh? 

Speaking of Freezing and Eating,
Let me throw in Over Achieving.

Just when you think that you have really accomplished something, or are particularly good at something.. say opening those tough jars for the lid turning challenged, someone has to come along and make you feel as if its just turning a lid the right way and makes it look simple. Ouch.

Living in the Wooster Square, and the Yale community, there are a few over achievers that have come through Phelps Gate. Bush(s), Clinton(s) and our new Mayor (Good luck Toni Harp!) all went to Yale.

But the story of the young man,Yale Student, Parker Liautaud (19), who caught a circuit of the Blossom Blog Mainframe.

You see Parker, already bored from multiple trips to the North Pole, walked as fast as a mother trucker to the South Pole. Not realizing it was so cold there too (he packed for tropical weather), he broke a world record!

The best part? When asked what he wanted to do now? No, not Disney Land, he said he wanted to go Home to New Haven, Wooster Square, and have some Historic Wooster Square Pizza!

Kids these Days!
Nice Job Parker
(if I knew it wasn't such a long stroll from Historic Wooster Square to the South Pole I might have taken Chyna and Zippy 
for a long walk one day and given him a run for his money!)

Speaking of Walking...
According to the US Census Department...

New Haven Ranks 8th in the Country 

as Most Walk-able Cities!!!

Over 12% of City residents hoof 
their way to work everyday. 

In a 15 minute walk from Wooster Square you can choose from over 100 restaurants! 
How cool is that!

Let your fingers do the Walking and click your heels here to read NPR Article

Speaking of Yale...
They put out a cool video for 
incoming students and visitors.

Click here if you downer device doesn't do drive

While I check out the Good data coming out of the 
Blossom Blog Mainframe (no bad data in)
For more interesting local news, 
Check out some Photos around the 
Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square

Note: It was cold. I am not nuts. Maybe a Bit Borderline Blossom Bonkers But Boy! I was lucky enough to find a couple of days where I could hold onto the camera. No, I did not try to stick my tongue on my camera to see if it would freeze, 
which it most undoubtedly would have done in short work. 

Wooster Square Shows it Colors

Snow before melt before snow before melt...

Perfect Powder People Pleaser

Hughes Views North

Stairway to Heaven, Smoothie Building Style
(did you know Led Zeppelin wrote 
Stairway to heaven
right here in Wooster Square?)
((I am told Le Zeppelin is a British Band 
and never set foot in Wooster Square))
(((unless they get in the back door at Sally's))).

Photo Phence Phun!

No Worries, Wonderful in Wooster Square!

Stumped Sakura Snowed Silly

One day walking Chyna to the garbage I noticed a bird flying so I ran and got my camera! 

Chyna got his/her interest...

A small bird caught her eye and off she went!
(looks like a Cooper's Hawk?)
((any guesses?))

Speaking of birds, 
Meet my new friend Woody!

Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

Cute Cuddly Critter!

Your table is reserved...

Sweet Sakura Snow Sculpture Sings Softly, Slowly

Splendor in the Grass

Hey Buddy, Can you Spare Some Crust?

Buds to Be, or not to Be

The Mainframe has picked up some interesting tidbits...

From Director & renowned Documentarist,  Gorman Bechard comes PIZZA, A LOVE STORY, the first real look at the phenomenon that is Sally’s, Pepe’s, and Modern. 

Looks like an Academy Award Wooster Square Winner!

Read about Pizza, A Love Story on Gorman's kickstarter page.

Also not to Miss!

The New Haven based A.C.Gilbert Company made those cool Erector Sets that all kids had
right here in the Elm City!

Check out the Exhibit at the Whitney Museum!

Read all about A.C. Gilbert Company and the exhibit here!

Don't forget the Wooster Square Exhibit at 
New Haven Museum!

Click here for History that's no longer a mystery!

So get off your couch!

Dust off your Device!


 Make Tracks for Wooster Square!

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Stay Warm!

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