Sunday, February 23, 2014

C"OLD" Man Winter finds Snow-ly Grail in Wooster Square! Best Pizza in the United States!

Hey Sochi! Get Your Free Snow in Wooster Square, 

We'll throw in some Wooster Square's World Famous Apizza

Спешите! Приходите прямо сейчас! 

Мы Замораживание наши основания прочь!

Loosely translated for our non Russian speaking fun fellow flower following fans, it means ruffly: Hurry, come right away, we are freezing our asses off here!

Little did we know that when the Olympics are being held in Sochi Russia, they would have no snow and warm temps while we here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square have foots of Snow. 

But that can't stop the Russians. Apparently they made tons of it, but my offer still stands. 

Nice Job on the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Guys! 

I should mention that our Russian friends visit the Wooster Square Blossom Blog more than any other country besides the United States. 

Class, intelligence, sophistication, style, good humor and a lover of Cherry Blossoms... these are some of the traits of the average WSBB follower. Oh, it's ok if you love pizza too.

Russian views are actually looking to the WSBB almost as twice as much as Americans have during the Olympics! Keep your devices handy and sign up for email delivery or follow on your favorite feed!

Спасибо русский Друзья!


Cheryl and I always lament the fact that the news is just weather followed by entertainment news. So in other words, there is something more important than the Super Snow Storms Smacking, Slamming our Sincerely Sweet Significant Sakura Square, Sillies!

Hughes Place 
February 18, 2014

Pizza Wars People!

When the Blossoms are in Bloom or Bust, Historical Wooster Square is the Italian section of the Elm City, New Haven. And Wooster Square has two of the Top Ten Pizza Spots in the whole United States! New Haven has five in the top 20. Including voted number one Pie in the country, Frank Pepe's Clam Pie

It is to die for... unless you are allergic to shellfish, then no pun intended. Please, then try the Margherita Pie,
it also can bring tears to a pizza lovers eyes.
 What do I do? 
Get both of course!

And what about world famous Sally's?
Frank Sinatra's Favorite 
was the Classic Tomato Pie!

Rumor has it that Flo of famed Sally's named Frank's 
hugely successful comeback album
"Old Blue Eyes is Back"

Turns out when Frank Sinatra showed up at the exclusive back door of the restaurant, Flo turned to her husband Sal and said, uh-oh, 
Old Blue Eyes is Back!

I guess they had some real 
Rat Pack Pizza Parties!

Listen to Frank sing 
"You Will Be My Music"

Perplexing these Plentiful Primo Pizza Wars. It all started when Jon Stewart ranted about Chicago Style Pizza. The slice about Mr. Stewart's rant was that Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza is not even... Pizza!        
(Have you ever seen what they put on a Chicago Style Hot Dog? Think Kitchen ....sink... like 
Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms are Pink!)

Catch the Righteous Rant if you have six minutes to waste!
(or just jump to the middle)
((or click on the NY Post article below, it has a condensed version))

Now, for those in the know, Many Mozzarella Maniacs, Mr Stewart's Pithy Pious Perhaps Perilously Philippic Pizza Pan  is basically so 3 months ago....

And now the infamous embarrassment to all our neighbors 60 miles to the south, where their newly elected Mayor Bill De Blasio, to everyones Huge Hankering Heart New York'rs Horror!
(I Love New York'rs)

 Bill's Big Blundering Banqueting Blooper?

Eating pizza with a fork and knife. 
(the fork was just auctioned for charity)

And now a supreme court justice, 
Antonin Scalia has joined the 
pithy preposterous pizza peroration precious pious pizza people! 
Justice Scalia said that Chicago Style Pizza is good...
It's not Pizza!

In New York you see, they ceremoniously fold their pizza like the Sunday Times and cram as much marvelous mozzarella mouthbound, masticating madly man! 

New Haven Style Pizza is thin crust, crisped perfectly by 
coal or wood fired overs. Bring lots of tissue, it will make you cry to have to eat such a work of art. 

And in my opinion, a crime if you don't think that...

New Haven is the Center of the Pizza Universe.

New York? Chicago?

Just Wannabees my fine funny friend Jon Stewart!
(I'll buy if you fly!)

This just in! Read local New Haven Register's article on the origins of New Haven Pizza...seems there is more to the story.
According to local Historian and Honorary Wooster Squarian
Colin Caplin, a Mr. Ignazio Camposano's Pizza pre-dated

Click here for Randall Beach's article in the New Haven Register


What a winter we are having. When our beloved World Famous Sakura Cherry Trees are in Blossom, we will rejoice spring
here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square!!

Let's take a spin, while the Blossom Blog Mainframe hunts down some interesting things to do around New Haven!!

Hughes Place

Sun Soaked Snowed in Sakura

St Johns Street

Italian Consulate Iced

Pillows Warm up the bench, no?

While taking pictures I talked with our Neighbor from
Channel 8 Sam Kantrow who was asking about the parking situation in Wooster Square. He went straight to the horses
mouth to get it from the Blossom Blogger himself!
(he had no clue who I was)

Did you see the interview?
(I missed it)

News8 weatherman Sam Kantrow (on right)
(and photographer)

Thanks for having our backs in Wooster Square!

Warm, Welcoming, Wonderful.... Wooster Square!

Snow Wars!
(like Star Wars without space travel, laser swords and wookies)

Pile it on! 

St. Casmir
(now condos)

Fence Foto Fun

Spring is on the Way!

A new couple moved onto Hughes Place as I was
out scouting out the snow...

Mrs Robin
(she's a bit shy)

Mr Robin asked where all the worms are...
(then... where was Pepe's?)


If you still have not gone to the New Haven Museum to see the 
Wooster Square exhibit: The New Township, then you are in luck! They extended the show to go through March!

Also, roll over to the Peabody Museum if you like to Rock... er look at "A" rock. 
Well, not just any rock. It came as a meteorite
and is from Mercury!

Read about how a piece of Mercury came to Yale in the Yale news! 

Come see my latest Show called...

March 7 -29
Creative Arts Workshop
(click for Art at CAW!!)

Let me show you around my hometown 
from the Blossom Bloggers view!! 

Read about Wooster Square's connections with Detroit in a popular post here!

March 7th is artist reception 5-7!
Stop by and say hi!

Stay Warm my Friends
in Russia, and around the World!

63 Days until our Baby Blossoms Burst!!

See you around New Haven


See You Round the Square!