Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fulgent Fastidious Fugard Facinates,Wooster Square World Premier "Hummingbird" Sings of Cherry Blossoms

Deeper Meaning of Sweet Sakura Square

The fun is just starting here in the Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square. The Blossoms are in meaningful motion, moving magically, maniacally mesmerizing man! 

Wooster Square's First Cherry Blossom! Pink Nation!!
(corner of Academy and Chapel, this
Juvenile blooms fast, sometimes it seems
year round.)

We finally are warming up, slowly but surely.
But while folks inland were enjoying some warmer days, we had some chilly winds coming off the sound.

Today is supposed to Rock 70 degrees inland
A mere 68 in Historic World Famous
Wooster Square

Before we get to today's Blossomation 
(from where we are today, to where we are heading)... based upon photographic evidence, 
history, temperature
and a local, cold Two Roads IPA...
let me tell you about a couple of local happenings..

The Shadow of the Hummingbird

by Athol Fugard
Long Wharf Theater
World Premier
through April 27

One of the best things about living in Historic Wooster Square, is its access to World Class Plays. All within walking distance (we drove). One of our shining gems is Long Wharf Theater. Where many World Premiers take place, and move on successfully to Broadway and beyond. 

Cheryl and I signed up for a series of plays on Wednesday matinees. We have been really enjoying each play this year. But seeing the Playwrite Fugard read from his manuals and give this life lesson...

It's tough,
Bright Beautiful Birds are Bomb, Baby!
There are great moments,
You can't go back,
At last, life comes to an end. 

Of course, Fugard makes it all so elegant.

Much like our Cherry Blossoms, which have come to signify the beauty of life, 
and how short and fleeting it is.

To read about the play and a review from
friend and neighbor 
Wooster Squarian 
Frank Rizzo 
and his blog: Behind the Curtain 
of the Hartford Courant

Frank's reviews are a must if you want to read about a play. The reviews are not like, say the Times, which by the end of the review you don't know weather it is a bomb or a bombshell. No offense NYT.

Thanks for coming to New Haven
Mr. Fugard!

Speaking of Accolades to be given.

Our own New Haven Register slam dunked 2,200 other Newspapers across the Nation.

Editor Mark Brackenbury, Sports editor Sean Barker won for Editor and Sports Editor. And my favorite Chip Malafronte, sportswriter, won for an article on Detroit's Ty Cobb.

Click here to Read Chip's article on Detroit's Ty Cobb and his Wooster Square Connections

Nice Job New Haven Register!
Nice jobs guys!

I am feeding the last of the photos into the Blossom Blog Mainframe for analysis. We should have a good grasp of when our Pink and White Precious Pretties Pop People!

Until then, let's take a stroll around the Square!

Buds finally fattening fine flower folks!

Soon to be Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness!

Spring Sprung So Suddenly Special

360 Ripe Rich Reds 

A guy hanging with buds

Holy Bud Baking Bonanza!

History Loves Company!

Elm City Market

Stumped as to when the our Cherry Blossoms Bloom?

Just stay tuned to the Wooster Square Blossom Blog
so as not to miss one Pop!

Washington DC's Cherry Blossoms peaked 
in the last couple of days. And still going strong.

Check out DC Earthcam live!

 Based upon the Good Data 
coming out of the Blog Mainframe
(no bad data in), here in Wooster Square we are 
about 10-15 days away. 
Which still could be exactly as predicted originally. Peak will be right around our Cherry Blossom Festival!
(for the first time in a while).

April 27, Noon to 5:00
Wooster Square Park

click here for all Cheery Cherry Blossomy Festival stuff!

Buds ripening, really!
(Juvenile tree on corner of Chapel and 
Academy Street.)

Court Street Colors

Think Pink People!

Bloomin History

Wooster Square Waits!

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Wooster Square Pink Nation!

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