Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hump day Hanami High in Historic, World Famous Wooster Square!

Wooster Square is in Full Bloom! We have Peak Poppadge People!

Carpe Diem! 

Come and see diem!

Our Sweet Sakura Square is Shining with Pinks, Whites and Blues Hues.

And Hughes Place?

A Banner Blossom Year!

**Warning, repeatedly scrolling through the Wooster Square Blossom Blog can cause hanami hysteria.
Symptoms are face stuck in a smile, weak bladder,
hiccups, laughter, sharing and relaxed breathing!

Enjoy the Show! 

Morning Delights

Sitting Ducks
(easy pickins)

Hughes Place Blossom Tunnel to Happiness

For a limited time only!!

Land of Ahssss

Pink Pretties in Park

Blossom Drifts upcoming

Can o pea

We have departure

Brightly Burning Bulbs

Shadow Blossoms

Shameless Self promotion

Hughes Views

Lamps Lit for Lovely's

This buds for you!

Holy Historic Hanami High Here!

Pink Nation!

Park's a poppin!

All natural, no preservatives

Seating available

Bright Beauties!

Love is a rose

Whole Square's Surrounded!

Welcoming, warm Wooster Square

Define Beauty?

Wooster Place North

Make history no mystery! 

Wooster Place South

Fence foto fun!

Take a walk in the park

 Pink Nation!

New Haven Green

 State Street Station

 One of the last Elms, in the Elm City
(the big tree)

 Court Street Colors

History loves company

Pizza Bench for four or more

Head to Wooster Square!

Colorful Wooster Square!

Nature enjoying Nature!

We are at peak or peaking tomorrow!

Now is the time!!!

Head for Wooster Square!!

Turn that frown upside down!
(Roxie enjoying the blossoms from inside)

See You Round the Square!