Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday's Blossoms Big, Bright and Blowing!

Wooster Square Peaking!

Photographer Alert!

We are on the downslope of our Sweet Sakura Square Spring Season. Yesterdays, cold front had winds whipping and temps tumbling.

Folks were enjoying the peak blossoms yesterday in shorts and t-shirts, by evening people we in coats and hats!

The temps dropped 20 degrees.

Our blossoms are still 
bright, bountiful and beautiful!

Chief Blossom Meteorologist,
Gill Simmons at New 8 in New Haven
advised this morning to see them before the weekend!

The weekend will still have plenty of
the pink, white and blue!

Too much to do, to little time.

Just photos, enjoy!!

Tomorrow, more Blossom Math to
see how much time these pretties
will be around!

Wooster Square showing 
its true colors!

  Squirrel Tested, Mom approved!

See You Round the Square!