Friday, May 1, 2015

Fun Friday for Flower Fans in Historic Wooster Square!

Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms Peaking Yesterday and Today! Great chance to catch the coming Blossom Storm this Weekend!

Great weather at last predicted for this weekend. This Sunday, would have been the rain date for our Cherry Blossom Festival. For a while it might seem that they would peak this weekend, but they did Wednesday through today, Friday.

The wind has taken its toll on our fickle friends. There are already Blossom snowdrifts. The Blossom Math tells us that there are only a few precious days left to see our pink and white pretties!  

All Pictures taken today, Friday May 1, 2015. In respect to time (we are going to Sports Haven to bet on the Kentucky Derby- they take wagering Friday and tomorrow on the Derby. How cool is that, right here in walking distance from Wooster Square!)

Happy May Day!

Now is the time!

Blossoms are blowing by and by!

See You Round the Square!