Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bevy of Bright, Brilliant, Blossom Efflorescence Everywhere in Historic Wooster Square!

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog would like to dedicate this post, the 145th, in fond memory of Beverly Carbonella, Queen of Wooster Square

During the last Cherry Blossom festival, the Friends of Wooster Square award was given to Luisa Delauro, half of the duo who had vision for Wooster Square. Her friend and the Queen of Wooster Square, Beverly Carbonella and festival co-founder was there to congratulate 101 year old Luisa. 

Beverly passed away recently, a mass held in her honor at St. Michael's last Saturday the 30th. According to her wishes, she wanted no memorials. I think I know why too. Beverly never had any look on her face but a huge smile, her "known you forever hug" and her flat out optimism. I don't think she wanted everyone to get together to be sad...  she wouldn't have that! 

Beverly lived life in the fast lane with the pedal to the metal. Her infectious personality, quirky hats and boa's, art interests, summers in Provincetown and her love of Wooster Square dominated her presence.  

A voracious reader, I saw her almost daily on my morning walks with Chyna and Zippy. Beverly would be drinking her coffee while reading her New York Post and sitting in her car, watching the Wonderful World of Wooster Square move slowly by. We each found comfort in seeing each other every morning, and she mentioned to me several times how comforting it was to see me in the park.

Beverly often said under her breath, if I'd a met you before Cheryl...! What a cut up and sweetheart rolled all up in one. Like one continuous Square Sakura blossoming all year round. Previously the owner of the Italian Consulate, a Historic home on the park at the corner of Court Street, Beverly worked tirelessly year round for the Cherry Blossom Festival she help found. 

Beverly's contribution to Wooster Square will always be remembered, for Beverly is someone we will never forget. I am sure she will be looking down watching out for Wooster Square, one of the loves of Beverly's fascinating life.

Click here to read Beverly's obituary at Iovanne Funeral Home.

Local Wooster Squarian and Block Watch Captain, Peter Webster wrote a stirring tribute to Beverly
in the New Haven Independent.

Click here to read the New Haven Independent article

In honor of Beverly, today's photos from
the past week will be without commercial
interruptions, sarcasm, or any factual distortions.
(Next up, Square advice for Graduating Seniors)

Enjoy Silvards, "Life is Grand on Cape Cod"
and remember Beverly, without her
there would not be a Blossom Blog.

Rest in Peace Beverly, I'll see you round the Square