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David Letterman's Favorite Final Wooster Square Top Ten!***

Top Ten Totally Tempting, Terrifically Titillating, Wooster Square Treats!

I will miss David Letterman. As a kid in high school, I had one of these little tvs by my bed. Of course this was before cable, so in Detroit, there were not a lot of options. One of the best though was getting the Windsor Canada stations for Hockey Night in Canada.

Yes, and that was before HD tv, which is akin to the difference between listening to an am radio station and FM on a nice stereo. I have no idea how we followed the puck, but nobody knew any better.

David used to come on at 1:00am and I frequently watched. Sometimes staying later to see Tom Snyder on the Tomorrow show.  Now it's hard to stay up past 10 at night! 

Great things are happening here in Historic, World Famous Wooster Square! Yale, Southern Connecticut University, Albertus Magnus and Gateway all had their graduations. Our Elm City slows down a bit, but not until after Memorial Day Weekend.

Lighthouse Point last Fall

New Haven's Lighthouse Point is a real treat on Memorial day if you fun, sun, a splash pad, beach, swings, playground, cooking areas, a boat launch...
and oh yeah, a great old merry go round in the open air building that also can be rented out. Lot's of weddings her. Could it get any better? Sure, its a National Birding site, where volunteers track migrating hawks, eagles and others.

Kudos to Parks Department head Christy Hass,
who with her staff do an amazing job
with an amazing park system.

Thanks Christy!

Did you know that Brooklyn New York now considers 
New Haven to be hip! Yup, the hip website
Brooklyn Vegan points to the opening of the
College Street Music Hall, across from 
the Shubert Theater.
Of course, it's hip to be Square,
Wooster that is!

While the Blossom Blog Mainframe giggles its bits, and contacts David at his retirement home after his nap and an afternoon bridge game...
***the entire top ten is entirely made up using a complicated 
formula that cannot be revealed. Any resemblance to David Letterman
and the David Letterman show is completely intended. If offended Dave,
I will buy you a clam pie next time you are in New Haven. 

Take a look around the Square and see how summer is just about to set in next week!

Green settling in nicely

Our Bonsai Sakura
(the posting says it will be cut down,
but don't worry, its part of the comprehensive plan
to keep the trees on Hughes Place sustaining
not only for now, but future generations!
Thanks again Christy Hass!)

Speaking of Pizza, New Haven and Wooster Square
is home to the number one pizza in the
United States. Pepe's Pizza Clam pie
was voted number one in the whole
United States people!

New Haven is home to 5 of the
top 30 in the 101 best pies in America 
according to the Daily Meal.

And last week in the travel section of the 
Boston Globe,
it promotes New Haven as a tank
of gas away from Pizza and Picasso's.


Red Maple makes me marvel

Former Blossoms

Stand out from the rest and head to 
Wooster Square!

pollen producer people!

Pink Nation!

Tiny bee, tiny flower

Purple Waterfall
(See if you can find the happy face flower)

Orange Street New Haven

Pink Pinwheel Pleasers

Fence Foto Fun

Future Flower Fireworks

Court Street Colors

Flowering Chive

Prodigious Purple

The last Blossom of the year?

Pink Power!

Life is not the pits in Wooster Square!

Orange you glad you stopped by?

The Blossom Mainframe has been in touch
with the Letterman camp to come up
with his list of favorites here in
Wooster Square!

Ladies and Gentleman, the Top Ten
reasons head to Wooster Square!

10.  Wooster Square's able alderman Aaron Greenberg.

9. Sally's Pizza

8. Libby's Italian ice (lemon)

7. Fuel Coffee Shop

6. Lucibello's Cannolli

5.  Abate's (take out Cheryl's special: Medium pepperoni, garlic and spinach cooked well done)

4. John Dory at Adriana's (a sea bass to die for)

3. Pepe's Pizza (never can get enough pizza)

2. Wooster Street: with it's famed arch and home to Seabury Hill Real Estate, Cheryl Szczarba's office!
Come get a pie and buy in Wooster Square! 
(email Cheryl at 203.996.8328)

1. Wooster Square and our Cherry Blossoms!!

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See You Round the Square!

One of our eagles in Hamden over
the New Haven line. This year
they only have one chick!