Wednesday, August 19, 2015

La Passeggiata: Wooster Square's Walk of Wonder

Happy 150th Blossom Blog Post!

Walk to Remember

From this simplest ideas, comes some of the best innovation. That is why, here in Wooster Square, we take pride in being an actual Neighborhood. A place where your neighbors have your keys, play with your children and mingle socially. 

Wooster Square's a place that if you stick around long enough, you become part of it's Wonderful World. However, if you are one of the lucky one's who in their lives passed through here, (Meryl Streep, Gary Trudeau...), Wooster Square never leaves you. Wooster Street may be a one way street, but we welcome all for the first time or welcome back.

You can always come home to Wooster Square. You'll see the same lines at Sally's and Pepe's, families spilled out onto Wooster Street eating slices of pizza and italian ices from Libby's. Looking carefully at the license plates you see practically all 50 states. People love New Haven Style Pie!

There's nothing like summer in Wooster Square. Everyone moves a little slower, a lull before going back to work and the academic year begins. Once the hot sun sets, the sea breeze kicks in giving cooling relief. 

Time to walk off some of that pizza and Pasta!

La Passeggiata

Stairway to Heaven

In Italy, there is a tradition of getting up from the supper table and moving around. People walk the streets, waving to neighbors and taking in the sights.

Walking around Wooster Square, one can just be transported to the Amalfi Coast, where most Wooster Squarians came from in Italy.....

Not Amalfi, but Trevi with black celery festival
and an olive oil museum.

After your trip to one of Wooster Streets many fine
establishments, take the time to walk over
to the park. Some like to criss cross, some like to circle. Then there's the circlers on the inside of the fence and the circlers on the outside of the fence.

No matter which side of the fence you are on, La Passeggiata is a walk of talk and digestion. Step away from your devices, hold hands and take a stroll through history.

History Loves Company

Wrath of Grapes

Roman Arch



Window lickin good!

Lot's of hills.

Three coins in a fountain!
(it was a movie)
((Trevi Fountain))

After you walk around the Square, you might feel as if you have left all your troubles behind. Everyday's a Holiday in the 
Wonderful World 
of Historic Wooster Square!

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World Class Tennis!

Right here in Wooster Square*
*New Haven

The Connecticut Open
starts this weekend,
August 22-29!

Cheryl and I will be
there all week!

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See You at the Tennis 


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Petra Kvitiva
shows her championship form!