Sunday, August 2, 2015

Shut the Front Door! The Wooster Square Blossom Blog is moving?!?!

Never fear our foison fervent fanatical 

fellow fine fascinating 

flower & fauna following friends, 

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog is moving to 

Wooster Street!

These last few days have been so hot that while walking the dogs, the fire hydrants chased them! Squirrels are putting their nuts in the freezer! Here in the Wonderful World of Famous, Historic Wooster Square, we are slightly lucky. We are only a few blocks from New Haven Harbor. 

In fact, Water Street, just South of Wooster Street was a bustling waterfront with some of the Neighborhood residents having homes and businesses. One enterprising shipping merchant Benedict Arnold lived here in Wooster Square.
(He would have been better off staying in Wooster Square, 'cept all these tariffs brought him out as a revolutionary. Then, only thinking they would lose the war, switched sides.)

So we enjoy the coolest off breezes off the Sound. However, this afternoon's low tide smelled so bad because of the stifling heat. The yin and yang. 
The ebb and flow of the tide. Wooster Square is part of this shoreline community. The walk to the end of New Haven Pier from Wooster Square is one mile.

In a short walk you can be along the water, and see one of the major stopping points for all types of birds that migrate. Common Terns, Least Sandpipers, Osprey, Great and snowy egrets, steps from the Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square, and the best Pizza in the USA...and all that with Cherry Blossoms on top! 

New Haven's Finest with latest toy,
a boat with a giant squirt gun!
The Fire man took off on the hottest day.

I still have the immense responsibility bestowed to me by the Historic Wooster Square Association.
And that is documenting, photographing, and most 
importantly, predicting when our Superb Salient
Sakura Square of Sensational Blossoms bloom with an amazing 5 years running 100% accuracy*
*I take pictures everyday so you won't ever miss 
Peak Poppage if that is on your bucket list!

So, before we can get to the scheduled post, La Passeggiata, from Wooster Street next...

A few pictures from the past couple of weeks. I spent some time on tiny Clam Island shooting all types of seabirds that you can only see right here in Connecticut (or the east coastline). 
Also, some from a bike ride to Lighthouse Point, Fort Nathan Hale and East Shore Park.

Italian's Fete a fantastic feast!

Nifty New Havener

New Haven is the busiest port between New York
and Boston. A neighbor and Wooster Squarian
runs the authority for the port.

Sing it Baby!
Song sparrow sings 
That's Amore!

Learning to just be(e) in Wooster Square
makes masses more meaningful mindfulness, man.

Butterfly Garden, Lighthouse Point


The smallest Tern, the Least with a major minnow!

Hungry tots!

More Minnows! 

Of course, cherry blossoms are gone, but 
check out these at the Butterfly Garden
(should call it a bee garden!)

Beach Plum Brings Bees Busily Buzzing

Future Butterfly Food

Tiny Treat

Pink Nation!

Susan soak sun

Bee Happy, buzz on over to Wooster Square

Pardee-Morris Seawall, with a Coast
Guard ship anchored off the Base.

A shot of the boat from the remnants
of Fort Nathan Hale. A National Historic Site

Apparently they were putting out new "cans"

Least Terns, the tiniest shorebird in
East Shore Park

Skittish little ones!

Least Tern Love

Double Crested Cormorants Cruising

We are moving the Blossom Blog headquarters and reporting directly from Wooster Street! 

For more photos of the Clam Island birds,
click on and follow 
Bart and Cheryl's Urban Birding Blog
for that next post!!

Click the link on the right.

Don't forget that the Connecticut Open is weeks
away, World Class Tennis right here in New Haven!

And the Wooster Square Blossom Blog will
be there to document every great shot!

Enjoy the warm weather!

See you on Wooster Street 
or as usual,

See You Round the Square!!