Thursday, February 25, 2016

We Wait, When Will Wooster Square's Winsome Wonders, Cherry Blossoms peak in 2016?

Wooster Square Blossom Blog's incredible 100% Accuracy in Predicting Peak Blossoms has even Nate Silver and Donald Trump in awe.

This year, 2016 will be the 5th year of predicting, cajoling, and chronicling our Historic Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms here at the WSBB. 

Under the direction of the Board of Directors of the Historic Wooster Square Association I was anointed the Bearer of our Beautiful Baby Blossoms! The Directors, a group of fiercely intelligent, diverse, educated, and enigmatic, (yet somehow competent) cast, gave me carte blanch to take on this enormous responsibility.

Who knew we would be so accurate?

Sure I said. I had no idea. 

Oh they know in Japan. 

Cherry Blossoms take on the sheer meaning of beautiful and joyous it can be. And yet, it is all so fleeting, symbolizing mortality and acceptance of destiny. Here one day in all its glory, then gone with the rain and winds of spring. 

But its not all fun and done &
lets be bummed! 

No, not at all.

For the Blossoms herald in the warmth of summer. The promise of a new day. A new start, new lives and new loves. The birds the bees and all of our Wonderful World of Historic Famous Wooster Square comes back to life. 

Ahhh, pizza picnics in the park, 
long walks and longer days. 

Perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves. But we must be prepared! No one who follows the Wooster Square Blossom Blog will miss the very first blossoms, till the very last drop! And then some!

Another exciting milestone for Zippy (my Italian Greyhound Rock star) and I. Ten years ago this 4th of July we moved from Fair Haven Heights to Chapel Street. I met Cheryl and Chyna (Toy poodle) walking my dog that weekend and two years later we were married.

Good things happen in Wooster Square.

About those Blossoms.

Graph of Peak Blossoms by day
(click on graphic for more detail)

Will this year be like last? We have been on a nice roll here the past few years. Take a look at
our Blossoms over the years.

Given all the data from the blossom mainframe, historical files on Yale's Supercomputer
and calculating abilities, plus consultations with 
the Head Blossom guesser at the 
National Park Service 
the Blossoms
are set to peak on
April 24, 2016!*
*(I take pictures everyday while they are blooming 
so you will not miss a blossom, or when to come
and see them!)

Recent polls also show that the Blossom Blog
is more trusted in predicting than 
National Park Service!

If you think Pink real hard, you can remember!

Poignant pretty pink pals

Pinker days are here to come!

Hooray for the pink white and blue!

Awe dropping Pink

Don't miss out in 2016!

Back to reality. We still have two months.
For now we settle in with warm 
temps in the 40s and 50s.

We'll take it!

A few shots from around the Square!

History loves Company

Before Blossom Bonanza Blast!

Wooster Squared

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