Monday, April 4, 2016

This is a Wooster Square Blossom Blog Emergency Alert!

Cue annoying buzzing noise

If this were a true emergency, stay tuned the Wooster Square Blossom Blog 
for emergency alerts concerning our
Historic Hanami High Here!

Snow softly sits on Sakura

Come to think of it, if there were a true emergency, I don't think I'd listen to information from a guy who sounds like a recording from the National Weather Service! In a studio from the 1940's with a head set with all sort of wires and knobs.

Especially when there is that annoying buzzing.

However, fine fellow flower following fans,
the shift has hit the flan! Yes, 
everything including the weather is
bass-ackwards this year.

We are ahead of schedule, but not like 
the year we had in 2012. Close.

Now add all that wind and rain we had. The wind blew 30 mph for like a day and a half.

Then came the rain, and oh did it rain.

Now just for the fun of living in New England,
we wake up today to snow showers, turning
to a cold rain and now they just issued
a winter weather advisory!

This is just like the National News except
there's no Trump gaffes.
(although we would welcome a 
Trump building here in New Haven,
and he can sponsor if he likes)

I thought definitively today, we would know how
our baby blossoms weathered the storm.

It's still a bit early to see. The Blossoms bravely survived the wind and rain, but this
snow stuck to the buds and stayed.

The jury is still out, the cat's still in the bag.

This throws a wrench into the mix,
but a few days of warm weather
will set the Sakura Sails Straight.

Let's take a look!

Parks Pretty, Pink and White

Snow Babies

White and yellow 

Grey day

Snow Flowers!

Hanami on Hold

All covered on Academy St

Hughes Place Cherry tree that is
farthest along, could be in danger
of freezing its little buds off!

Pink Nation!
(I see a little brown on the right blossom. Ugh)

Cold Color Contrast

Frozen Fence Foto Fun!

I'm dreaming of a white Hanami!

Puffy white/pink. 3-5 days to pop

Greene Streete looking southe

Concerned columbus consults, conjuring
calling Blossom Betting Bookie!

Square, Sweet Square.

Buds in a blanket

My daffys dunked

Snow followed by sleet and rain.

Frozen Flower Fun!

Purple tower

Sunday nights in Wooster Square, neighbors
get together and have SOUP!

And I was about as popular as Santa's lap
when it came to questions about the
Historic, World Famous Cherry Blossoms.

When, how long, oh no!

It's almost kind of embarrassing to know
just about everything there is to know
about cherry blossoms, but not
at this time of the year!

They will bloom sometime, 
and I will Photoblogument it!

We were on track to peak somewhere between
the 10th and the 15th of April.

***   ***   ***

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Look for Wednesday's Blossom Blog update on our Hanami Happiness!

See You Round the Square!