Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Storm to test our Sweet Sakura Blossoms!

Wind, Thunder and Rain! Oh my!

Wooster Square Farmer's Market 
Saturdays 9-1

A funny thing happened to me on my way to my first Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival 9 years ago.

Walking with one of the many Park Peter(s), I politely asked Peter why didn't they have the Cherry Blossom Festival when the Cherry Blossoms are in full Bloom.

Not a question that organizers like to deal with, because of the "duh" factor. However, when Cherry Blossoms, Blossom, they have minds of their own. They like to be one of the first trees to wow, then poof! They're gone. 

Kind of your basic over achiever trees.

Not only is predicting when they peak almost impossible, the United States Government has to spend money to explain to people why their Cherry Blossom Festival isn't on.... you get the idea.

It's a matter of National Importance.

Alright, now throw in the fact you have trees of all different ages, areas and conditions.  But somehow,
they manage to Pop all about the same time. 

Since Washington DC's peaked 16 days earlier than last year, that would make Wooster Square's peaking after the 10th to the 15th. Or not!

The trees are in a critical phase, too much wind and rain could rip them from the trees and our hearts.

For the purpose of historical reference, I had to venture out to take some photos, and check out the opening of the first outdoor Farmer's Market!

Spring in the air! Soggy soaker

Make it rain blossoms! 

Wet, wild, Wooster Square!

Pink Power People!

These blossoms we are following on Hughes Pl
taken 4-2-16


See what I mean about wind and rain!

Academy Street North

Soggy Saturday means...

Hughes Place South

Pink Nation!

Benches are bomb baby!
Academy St south, the farmer's market 
upper left. Food Fun!

Critical Stage Fright!

Look, smile, repeat

It was a dark and stormy park!

Rain, rain go away!

This weekend we will be wringing our hands in between bites of our Sally's Tomato and 
Pepe's Clam Pies.

Monday look for your next report!
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