Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fall Foliage Fiasco Folks! Forecasters Fumbling for Feedback on Funky Phenomenon.

Friggin Former Forcastical Forays Fail, 

 Future of Fall Foliage Frowzy

Even Poindexterious Prodigious Predictinator Nate Silver stands stumped, saying 
"Usually, leaves change color at the time of Summer and into Fall, then drop...
at least as far back as I can remember.."*

Fall Foliage season is a statistical slam dunk. 
A Grand Slam of Color and Commotion.

 A Brilliant Blast of Bountiful & Breathtaking
multitudes of hues here in our 
Historic Hanami Sakura Square.

So well what the heck happened this year?

Well it kind of sputtered, one tree here, another there. Sugar Maples, usually some of the brightest and earliest, were late to the party! 

However, Oak trees, normally whose leaves just turn brown, took on a sunset haze.

Most years, you see some trees turning in August.
I usually look, but saw none this year.

Of course, it has been the hottest year on record.
But miraculously, Wooster Square remains
mostly Sunny with highs about 
70 degrees, 365 a year.*

Monster Mega Moon Man

What is going on here?

That is only something that the Blossom Blog Mainframe can handle. 
The Mainframe, with it's
connection to Yale's Super computer, the NSA,
Eric Snowden, Nate Silver, and NASA. 
Not to mention "The Onion", Wikimadeitupia and a large silver dollar coin for flipping.*
(for the difficult questions)

So while The Blossom Blog mainframe kibbles all the bits, rams the dos, and does its mega doodles, let's take a look around our 
Sweet Sakura Square!!

Full Flowers Folks.

Peppermint Patty Pleaser People!

Gone with the wind...

Pink Nation!

We laid out a yellow carpet for you.

Old Postcard, late 1800s

New Postcard, 2016

Wooster Square Wows!

Pizza Party!

 Bridge of Sighs.

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog will have
a Pearl Harbor memorial post on our Facebook Page!

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Moon's a risin

So what gives with the Weather?
According to all the data organized,
analyzed, digitized as well as stigmatized....

Turns out the Weather changes everyday!

Hey, this is New England, not
San Diego! We have four
glorious seasons of joy
here in the
Wonderful World of Historic,
 Famous Wooster Square!

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on Pearl Harbor Day!

Christmas Tree Lighting, 
Caroling and more!

Click here for Historic Wooster Square!

*Please don't believe everything 
you read on the internet!

You heard it hear first folks!

See You at the Tree Lighting
See You Round the Square!

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Open House Sunday!
December 4, 2016

This historic Condo has been over looking the Park for over 100 years.

Cherry Blossoms, the Wooster Square Farmer's Market and World Famous Pizza is all out your door!

Imagine, walking downtown to see a show at the Shubert, dinner at Zinc and walk it off on your way home through
Historic, Famous Wooster Square!

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