Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Wooster Square Hanami Handsel, no Humbuggery Here!

Residents Roiling, Revealing Riotous Resolutions!

Happy New Year
Wooster Square!

I don't mean to be a stickybeak. 
I mean, I can't help it, it just happens. 

But why in heaven's name, would anyone
at the beginning of the year make promises
that they have no intentions on keeping.

Oh, I see, since it's a New Year, some folks see fit to see a bunch of stuff that needs fixin.

I need to lose weight, lose my boy/girlfriend.
I need to work out, need boy/girlfriend

Floss more

Clean your closet, basement,
Get Healthy, new job, new career or New Home.
Be a better person, friend, spouse...

Holy Hanami Horror!!

All those promises we make, we end up making our lives more complicated.

Here in Historic, World Famous Wooster Square,
we take each New Year in studious stride.

Change happens all around us, yet
we remain the same. 

The same Neighborhood, same Friends,
same World Famous Apizza,
same glorious Park with Cherry Blossoms.

Drive down Wooster Street today and you'll see a new pride and shine in the Neighborhood.

Wooster Square isn't a place just to visit,
it is a state of mind. 

A real neighborhood with people that take
pride in it's History and home in
New Haven Connecticut.

Wooster Square Wishes

Just Breathe Baby!

Keep Calm
Apizza on!

Bright New Year

People Pleasin Park

Warm wishes for a
Happy, Healthy and
Successful New Year!

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See YOU Round the Square 

Congratulations Neighbor and long time
Wooster Squarian, Wendy Hamilton
 who was named 
New Haven Register's
Person of the Year!!

Click here for Wooster Squarian of the Year!