Saturday, January 21, 2017

Blossom Blog Actually Exceeds Actuations, options exhausted, Action Authorized!

Not to Worry, No interruption in Blossom Blog Banter!

Alas, when does one need to 
know what an actuation is? 

Who knows, in fact, who knew?

Well, if you are into foto fun folks, it means that your camera can only take just so many photos.

My desk without my camera 

Not like the old days?

Hardly, the days of my Nikon FM where you loaded your Seatle Filmworks film in
...24, 36 exposures.

Cell phone photo

Each of those photos counted back then, but who knew that in today's day and age, 
your Digital camera can only
 take so many photos without pulling the plug?

Kind of like cranking the film forward, and the crank falls busted. Mother Trucker!

But digital? Yes, digital too.

Surreal Square Stuff

Nothing actually broke off my +CanonUSA 
Canon D70 EOS, it just couldn't take
any more photos, or actuations.

(You work your Blossom Blogging Butt off
and Boom! Shooting Blanks!)

+CanonUSA  to the Rescue!

January 21, 2017

I emailed Canon in Jersey, they knew the 
problem immediately. Said it was kaput.

"Bart, you Busted your Blogger Buddy!!"
was what Canon said..

Yes, that's a real flower in that Crocus!

Within one week, 
my trusted companion D70
is by my side, like new 
completely FREE for
the Blossom Blog!!**
**(a small handling fee of $298, cause hey, 
it's not what you know, but who you know.)

So it's Back to Blossom Business!

Upcoming next, our Blossomation
(when our World Famous 
Cherry Blossoms Bloom)
for 2017!

Real Photos!

Keep Calm 
Actuate On

See you behind the lens,
See You Round the Square!