Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 Official Wooster Square Blossom Blog Battological Blossomation!!


Noun. The act of revealing or disclosure, a prediction or announcement. 

Origin, Wooster Square Blossom Blog.

Spring 2017, just around the corner.
May not have felt like it the past few mornings
in the Wonderful World of Historic,
Wildly Famous, Wooster Square!

New Haven, 
the NEW,
San Diego. 
(just wear some mittens.)

By Authority
Authority for the Wooster Square Blossom Blog was given 
by the Historic Wooster Square Association.

Pretty in Pink

Our Purpose
The Wooster Square Blossom Blog's main purpose is to photograph our Hallowed Hanami Friends (Our Cherry Trees) and let everyone know when they 
are in Peak Poppadge! (70% trees in full bloom).

I've worked my Blossom Blogging Buns off to bring the World to Wooster Square's doorstop.

January 28, 2017

Coming in March, the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog 
will be celebrating 
5 Years of Publication!!!


My research, along with the Blossom Mainframe,
has been sought out by the
National Park Service in 

Washington DC, where they have
a similar, lesser known Cherry Blossom Festival.

No, I guess it's really lame, because
I heard the National Cherry Blossom Festival
is in a Mall in Washington DC.
(Hey, and they don't have 
New Haven Apizza)

National Park Rangers and I
kibitz, console, laugh and cry about 
our beloved beautiful blossoms.

If you think about it, it's a little disturbing.

But not the results! 

Picture Perfect Pink Park People!

To bud, or not to bud, that is the question.

Made in New Haven

The WSBB became what has become
 known as the 
World's First Photoblogumentary!
(just google it)

2017 Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms

Cold, Frozen in Time;

Potential Beauty, Serene;

Belief, hope, Wonder.
Bart and Cheryl's Haiku 2017

This is my good side!

Blossomation 2017

What we have learned about the past,
we apply to the future.

What we know about the present,
is applied to the future

We search for patterns, observe
Cherry Blossoms all over the World.

All that Data is fed into the Blossom Mainframe,
(I feed the mice and put them on a wheel)

And Voila! A date for Peak Poppadge!
(When 70% are in full bloom) 

It's a perfect pink peerless prediction people!

Here's a look at the past few years.

Click to enlarge

Wooster Square's Sweet Sakura's
will be in 
Picture Perfect Peak Poppadge 
April 23, 2017**
**(I take pictures and post everyday during
blossom season, so you won't miss them)

Mark your Calendars!

Call your friends and Neighbors!

Shut the Front Door! 

]That's the same date as the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival!!

Click here for details and dates for other Cherry Blossom Bonuses!

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Stay Warm
See You Round the Square!
Beinecke Library Panorama