Friday, March 10, 2017

Blossom Mathematics: Honorable Hanami Hyperprosexia Herbacious Horoscope!

Old Age and the Passage of Time 

Teach All Things - Sophocles

Mr Sophocles, at the age of 90 or 91 when he died in 507AD, had pretty good credentials for knowledge. His time on earth, during his time on earth was pretty amazing considering the average life of Joe wine barrel was about 
30 something when they passed, 
worn and weary.*
*source: made it up

Time is money yet you can't buy time with money.

With age...
Knowledge is your product, 
life experiences are your currency. 
Debts are paid in pain and  hard lessons.
Payments are made to you in life's satisfactions,
love, contentment and well being.

Over time, you count your blessings, use your knowledge and share it to benefit your fellow man.

Excuse Me Blossom Blogger?
What does this have to to with the Cherry Blossoms in Historic, World Famous Wooster Square?

I guess it might be a stretch to say that the Wooster Square Blossom Blog has the street creds of someone like Sophocles. Not like they will be referencing quotes from the blog as some sage who could answer the eternal question, Why are we here?

And still talk about the Blog 1500 years later?

Doubt it, probably lost half the readers when you had to read the headline! 

Yes! Blossoms! Lets talk about when our Cherry Blossoms will Pop and Bloom!

While I giggle my bits 
out of my wikileak, 
take a look around the Square!!!

Celebrating, National Meatball Day!

Columbus, carefully calculating

Our perpetually blooming tree, you see what happens when cold hits full blossoms...

Stage One! Green Buds.

Buds in the air, buds everywhere

History Loves Company

Pink and white coming!

On Hughes Place, usually one of the first to bloom


City Sites to See

The show is about to begin...

360 ways to Love New Haven

So...What does all of this Mean?

Well first, you ask a lot of questions for someone getting free information. Second, I'll tell you!

Who Knows!?!?

What we can tell you, is that we watch Washington DC's Sweet Sakura's closely. Usually, we follow their peak about 16 days past theirs. Or not!

You see, no one, not even the National Park Service can predict them within about 10 days of the actual peak, when about 70% are in Bloom.

So it's a kind of a day by day thing.

But it's not at all complicated. 

Just follow the Wooster Square Blossom Blog,
our Facebook Page and me on twitter.

That way, you won't miss one pink
and white delight!!

Plus People! You can vote for your
favorite Blogger- Wooster Square Blossom Blogger
and Favorite Twitter-er, blossomblogger on CTNOW Best of New Haven!!!

See You Online
See You Round the Square!