Monday, March 20, 2017

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Botanical Basics 101

Fuse lit for Surreal, Sensational Six Stage,

 Sakura Spatiotemporal Surprise!

When will Historic Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms
begin their trek from tiny green buds to Peak?

Peak is defined at at least 70% of the trees are in full bloom. Our Cherry Trees typically bloom for a period of several days. The length of each Bloom is dependent on factors such as winds, rains, snow, ice storms as well as extreme warmth or cold.

Forecasting peak bloom is almost impossible more than 10 days in advance, according to the National Park Service Website.

In fact, I provided the National Park Service  data this week on Wooster Square's frozen 
blossoms last year for comparison. 
(They had similar weather just before peak this year)

NPS spokesman, Michael Stachowicz
then revised their prediction the next day.
And the National Park Service said,
"Thank you for Thinking of Us, Bart"

No Worries, all in a days work Blossom Blogging!

Check out and follow Washington DC's
Blossoms on their Blossom Watch page.
Also Click the link to go to the live cams!

It's not easy being Chief Blossomologist.

It's a guessing game with history as your guide,
weather as your co-pilot and guts as your drive!

Six Stages of a Cherry Blossom.
(please follow closely. The complexity is large.
Not suitable for young children,
 or those with a heart condition. 
Portions are not edible and are 
edited from the NPS website. Photos are all
from Wooster Square.)

1. Green Buds
      Buds go from dormant to showing green buds.

2.  Florets Visible
       You can see the buds starting to form.
       Average 16-21 days until peak

3. Extension of Florets
    Average 12-17 days to peak.

4.  Peduncle Elongation
     Average 6-10 days (frost bad now!)

5. Puffy White/Pink (varieties)
    Average 4-6 days to peak

6. Peak Bloom 
    Average 0 days to peak (hey, they are peaking!)

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Later, I'll tell you 
if the moon is REALLY made of Cheese,
and much more data on Blossoms
 as we head into the first day of spring!

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Wooster Square During Cherry Blossoms!

Stay Calm
Hanami On!

See You Round the Square!