Friday, March 24, 2017

First Time in Wooster Square? Ten Top treats!

Slow Spring has Blossoms Snoozing!

A couple of more weeks of warmth, and our Cherry Trees 
would have been moving right along the Blossom Train. 

Then the train made a stop in the antarctic. 
And we are not moving.

However, it is better for the Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival on April 23, 2017.

Why don't they have the 
44th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival 
while the Cherry Blossoms are in full Bloom?

Oh my gads, we shoulda thought of that.

Seriously folks, the fine people on the Historic Wooster Square Association are very bright people. 
They have more degrees than a thermometer.
Not one thorny throttlebottom.

That my friends, is not the problem. 

Throw in the planning, logistics, City, Parks, Police
Volunteers, Vendors and ad inifinitum.

And then, the Festival has to be on a Sunday, yet April has
Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday floating around in it
like a pill on a roulette wheel.

You never know where they will fall and end up.

If the Blossoms Bloom during the Festival, well
that date is a winner folks!



Sounds like fun! Before I head off to Mohegan Sun
Casino and try to double the Historic Associations 
Festival Budget, take a look at some photos
from around our fair square!


The Wooster Square Blossom Blog Mainframe will 
google it's datagigs and tabulate a Top Ten Treat! 

Stage One Ignition!

Some trees, some, have green buds. That's a start
While Washington DC peaks this Weekend our
Sweet Sacred Square Sakuras Sleep!

Our Perpetually Blooming Tree on the corner of
Sunshine and Happiness
(Chapel and Academy Streets)

This particular tree is in various stages of Blooming 
and Bloomed around Christmas.

Pretty, but Bare Square

Most of the trees look like this...

Nuttin Honey!

Wooster Street, America's Pizza Main street

No buds, birds will do!
Spring, well ok...
and a hawk

Wooster Square Ten Top Treats!

It's easy, no trick really to become an 
Honorary Wooster Squarian. 
All you gotta do is act like the locals, 
When in Wooster Square...

In no particular order...

1. Wooster Street Pizza
     New Haven Style Apizza at it's best
       Pepe's: Clam Pie #1 pizza in America
       Sally's: Tomato Pie (yes, there is no cheese)
       Abates: Cheryl's Special->
                       Pepperoni and Garlic well done

2. Fuel- Best Coffee in New Haven.
             Small, local fair trade coffee. 

3. Lucibello's Pastry Shop.
     Italian pastries to die for. The smells have been
     known to drive the weak insane. 
4. Wooster Square Farmer's Market
     One of USA Today's top ten Farmer's Market
      in the US. Nuff said. (Saturdays)

5. Consiglio's 
      Braciole - Family recipe from 1938

6. Bocce Ball 
      Easy fun across the street from Fuel
      in Wooster Memorial Park. Bring the kids
      to play on swings while you play!

7. Libby's Italian Ices
     After all that fun, nothing is better than Italian
      Ices on Wooster Street.

8. Tre Scalini
     Unbelievable Spaghetti Carbonara 

9. Adriana's
     John Dory Sea bass. Don't eat for days before 
      going to Adriana's. Portions are HUGE and food
       is DELICIOUS

10. La Passagiata.
       Wooster Square's Walk of Wonder.
        La Passigiata in Italy is the act of walking 
        off dinner and saying hello to neighbors.

Becoming an Honorary Wooster Squarian
just might be easy, just not calorie free!

See you at one of the above
 See You Round the Square!!


Thank You Sponsors!

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University Towers.
Sleep above the city, among the stars.
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