Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Good News a PoPPin in Historic Wooster Square!

Cherry Blossoms Open! Only 11 Days till the 44th Annual 

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!

There was a time here, we were thinking that 
Spring would never arrive. 

Well, it did. Yesterday, it was 80 degrees in Hartford.

In our Sweet Slice of Shangri-la, we
hit about 70. More warm weather on the way!

So Spring, who needs you?

You're either too cold or too hot.

But sometimes, Mother Nature,
you hit the sweet spot.

And there is no sweeter spot on
Earth starting NOW until after
our Cherry Blossom Festival,
April 23, 2017

Today, many of our Sakura's
have started to Blossom.

The rest are right behind!

Still a ways off for peak!

Let take a peek at pre-peak!

 Cherry Blossom Concert Saturday April 22.

 The show's about to begin!

Order a Clam Pie and pull up a seat.

Collecting Colors

Hanami Hurricane Happenin Here!

Hughes Place North

Patriotic Pink Pretties!

Pink Nation!

Be a Party Popper, 
Not a Party Pooper!

Dreary Day Doesn't Deter

In Memory
(Bev was instrumental in starting the Festival)

Pink Nation!

Come see what all the fuss is about

The Cherry Blossoms represent
Life itself. 
How beautiful and yet, so fleeting. 
To enjoy the blossoms,
you must be aware of their beauty,
conscious that what you love dearly,
will some day be gone.

Now's a great time to take
a walk around the park.

We are getting it all spruced up!

See You Round the Square!
Yellow Crowned Night Heron

***   ***   ***

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