Monday, April 10, 2017

19th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival Kickoff Concert sets stage for Celebration!

World Renown Artisits, 

Composers and Musicians from 

Wooster Square Entertain Annually

For the last 19 years, local Musicians and composers put on a fantastic 
 pre-Festival concert.

This year proves to be just
as exciting and entertaining.

And the best part?

(donations accepted)

Join us at St. Michael's
Church for the fun.

Free festivities and food
after the concert!

How are the 
Cherry Blossoms?

Let's take a walk around the Park
and then we'll make some
assumptions about Peak!

Pink in the air!

Pink Nation!

Warren Street
(off Wooster St)

Coming Soon!


Wooster Square Waits

Hughes Place

Academy St South

Columbus watches carefully

Wormseye view!

Academy and Chapel

Blossom Pride

Pink Nation!

History Loves Company!

Most of our Blossoms 
are in the Penduncle Elongation Stage.

They are fragile in this state
but our weather looks great.

We are looking at peak
in about 6-12 days.

How will you know?

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See You Round the Square!