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New Haven's Varini still a Shiny Beacon after 7 years! A look back at 2010

Blossom Blogger, and Varini Exchange International Goodwill

To say that New Haven has changed a lot since 2010,
is like saying the sun is hot.  

Five or Six new apartment complexes dot downtown.

There is a new vibrancy and new life
in old buildings.  

But one part of New Haven often goes unnoticed, 
and that is our 2010 installation of 
the Square with Four Circles,
a Felice Varini "Sculpture"

Caution: Objects in Digital are not as cool as in real life

Located in an alley, right off of Chapel Street
in the Heart of Downtown is this
world class sculpture by the world renown
Artist, Felice Varini.

While Varini has works all over the Globe,
he chose New Haven, for his 
first USA installation. In fact, two. One
is in the New Haven Public Library.

I knew that the installation was going on,
 some Wooster Squarians were 
involved in the process and even painting!

Varini uses a stencil, drawn from a 
projection done at night.

Sounds easy. But it's not of course! Cheryl and I 
bumped into him walking our dogs on a Sunday, 
a few days before the Dedication on June 4, 2010.

Check out some photos from those days...

It's Hip to Be Square!

As I'm taking some photos, up comes
the Internationally Famous Artist Himself
with a paintbrush and paint.

Handsome Man

Missed a spot!

Whistle while you work!


We talked briefly to him, 
he speaks French and a little
English. He was fascinated by the reflection of his 
Square with Four Circles 
in Cheryl's sunglasses.

He spoke very fast and excitedly in French to who we found 
out was his wife. 

He thanked us and went back to work.

Reflections on Varini

I had an idea.

We went to the dedication and before it started
I pulled Felice and his wife aside.

I brought two matted photographs.

One of Cheryl's sunglasses above.
I inscribed the matting, to the effect...
Thanks for coming to New Haven!
I signed it and gave it to him.

He was floored and honored. Then I produced the
second photograph, the one I took of him
walking in front of his work.

Felice Varini smiled and signed it... 
in French saying to the effect...
Thanks for the mirrors or I'll accept any
translation if you can read it!

And he signed and dated it.
June 4, 2010

Framed by Framed in Hamden

Photos from the day!

Site Celebration

Artist talk

Wooster Squarian Elsie Chapman

Alderwoman Bitsy Clarke and Mayor Destefano
giving Varini the Key to the City.

What'd you expect, a real key?

Dang this is my best work, right here in New Haven*
*Translated from French.

And the celebration was a blast! 

Do you know the best part?
Varini's work was just a license for
one year, then be removed.


He said, maintain it, and keep it up!

Check it out while at the 
International Festival 
Arts and Ideas!

See you at the Festival, Varini
See You Round the Square!

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