Monday, June 26, 2017

Yellow Crowned Night Herons Reign over Wooster Square. FIVE new Royal Wooster Squarians!

Beautiful shore birds love Wooster Square!

I'm sometimes asked, what does a
Blossom Blogger photograph
 when our Sweet Sakura Square
is not in the process of Blooming.


Then you must new around here, welcome. 

I am always photographing 
Birds, Blossoms, Buildings
and whatever I bother. 

New Haven Reflects

Mass Born, Detroit Bred, Nutmeg Seasoned

Having been virtually 
stranded for 10 weeks
after Shoulder surgery, I am now
able to hold (painfully) my camera!

Good thing too!

If you have been following me on
twitter and the Wooster Square
Blossom Blog Facebook page,
you have seen the photos.

Which Ones?

The Yellow Crowned Night Herons!

Cute Couple Cuddles

Mom's grooming lesson.

Chicks First Flaps

Yes, these shorebirds have 
become regular
Wooster Squarians.


(location not given. Migratory birds are
protected Federally. Nests are not to be disturbed. 
If you are aware, do not park your car under the nest
for obvious reasons)

Mom and Dad constantly fix nest. It's grown from it's initial place for two.

Typical one bedroom one bath in 
Wooster Square!
This was on April 16, pre eggs.

And how do I know?

Caution: For Mature audiences Only!

The Following shows Nature and Like the Things that they do, like bees and...

Not to worry. These YCN Herons don't
mind us regular folk. In fact, they love
to roost with others, so we may 
have a whole kittin kaboodle 
(not a technical term)
of them nesting here in coming years.

What the Feathered Freak! That
Blue Jay stole my leg!

So meanwhile, while I recovered from
surgery, they took turns incubating.
(that's a technical, not dirty term)

Look at the size of the nest now!

Looks like they put on an addition
for their new Quintuplets!

Swinging Chicks of Wooster Square!

YCN Herons have anywhere from
2-8 eggs and usually only have
one batch (not technical)
each year unless one fails.

Proud Park Papa

Yellow Crowned Night Herons are
related to the now extinct 
Bermuda Heron.

They range from about 2-2.5 feet tall.

The eggs are ready to hatch about 25 days or so.

The chicks, at first resemble some
sort of exotic dinasour, will
fly the coop 36-42 days after hatching.

And Mom and Dad?

Yes, dear, more sticks dear.

Basically, a handshake and maybe we'll
do it again sometime.

A wing and a prayer

Yellow Crowned Night Heron's chose
a mate once a year!

And they get to live in 
Wooster Square!*

*(I've been informed by management, my wife, that most birds mate for life, and glorifying playbird
behavior is not appropriate for younger readers).

One, two, three, four, five...
at least for now!

Let's look at the first shots I got of any of the baby chicklets.

Alien: Wooster Square

It is an Historic District....

Proud, shocked parents.

A face only a mother could love

Kids are great help

How's my crown Ma?

Growing up fast!



Dad Frazzled

He is a Master Stick Getter
(not technical)

I found where he was flying off too...

Shadow Dancer

Stick City!

The male and female take turns
watching the nest, while the other feeds.

Papa ponders

Where do they go?

Long Wharf!

YCN Herons feed mostly on Crustaceans.
And there's all sorts of crabs over on 
Long Wharf, a short fly away.

Hey, soft shell crabs!

Never know what you'll see here,
just steps from I-95...

Baltimore's Finest

Reflecting on Nature

Fog Foto Fun!

Mr Osprey? There's no campfire rule here
on the beach in New Haven!

Sweet Silhouette City

Easy Pickins!

Fishin Foto Fun

Hanami Heron

Cheryl saw the Baltimore Oriole. The I caught up to that colorful bird we have seen in our yard!

Baltimore Beauty!

Pesky Pretty Percher tough to get
a photo as they love to move!

Hop, skip and a jump to World Class Birding

Keep your eyes to the sky!

Does it have to be so messy?

As if that is not all!


Free With today's subscription only!

New Haven's own West Park Eagles too?!?!?


We bumped into these guys riding
our bikes on Sunday morning!

Mr and Mrs America

Less than a few weeks old...

Wicked Wonderful Winger!

Proud Papa

Watchful Momma

Way down on the Swanee River...


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Live New Haven. Love New Haven.

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