Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Historic Gathering to Remember and Affirm in Criscolo Park

Moving, Poignant, Personal, Pertinent, Pedagogical Paladin Pontificates Prove Point on Hallowed Horological Home.  

 September 15,2017

I put this date dutifully, diligently, &
digitally into my dedicated device.

Frederick Douglas (actor) will speak to the all 
Black 89th Regiment of the 
Connecticut Volunteers 
the Civil War.

Nathan Richardson: Historian, Author, Poet, Actor

As in Battle of the States over Slavery.

These brave men fought without the best equipment, uniforms, pay or equality  
until Frederick Douglas
spoke to President Lincoln.

Then these New Haven Heroes were then issued proper equipment,
given the same wages and a promise
of Freedom for fighting for Our Union.

President Lincoln

An Honorable Amiable Histrion, 
Nathan Richardson, played 
the part of Mr. Douglas and 
some in the audience
were descendants of those in
the All-black 89th Regiment.

The Frederick Douglas event
was sponsored by the 
Amistad Committee 
and the
Jewish Federation 
of Greater New Haven.

Unexpectedly, a lightening bolt hit 
Historic Wooster Square 
at its Cherry Blossom Roots.

St. Michael's Church

Luisa DeLauro passed away at 103

Luisa spent 35 years as Wooster Square's Alder
and fought for our neighborhood as 
a mother protects its young.

Beloved Neighbor Leaves Lasting Legacy

Luisa helped many Notable locals find
 their first jobs,
bailed kids out in trouble and 
fed the neighborhood with meals and ideas.

Luisa was a Woman ahead of her time.

In fact, among all Luisa's other accomplishments,
she started the 
Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

So if it weren't for Luisa, there would be no reason to have a 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog!

No World's First Photoblogumentary...

There would be no Blossom Blogger...

Thanks Luisa DeLauro
 for helping make 
Historic Wooster Square the 
Proud Neighborhood we all
know and Love!!!

So can you see the conundrum here?

A large Mass for Luisa was planned for the exact same time as the Celebration of the speech 
Mr. Douglas gave 
to the 89th Connecticut Volunteers.

An event that would be dear to Luisa DeLauro

Well, I wasn't the only one.
All of the politicians from high and low were at
St Michael's Church.

Luisa's Legacy will Bloom for Generations to come.

Both important events made it hard to be two places at one time.
(I'm told her funeral was an emotional tribute to Louisa's life, 
The 10:00am Mass went until 1pm.)

I chose to ride my bike to Criscolo Park,
(exactly one mile from Wooster Square Park) 
to give those who could not attend a 
glimpse of the morning festivities.

And Festive it Was! 

A Celebration of Life, Liberty, and Freedom.

A multicultural, meaningful, mindful, multitude
looking back and looking forward.

Remembering where we once were,
and where we strive to be. 

The theme was: 
"New Haven’s Response to Charlottesville"
and was extremely moving.

This is the program which I picked up on the way out.
The people following photos are not identified as 
it was a bit hard to hear and I didn't look at it 'till I got home!
My apologies!

All of the speakers pointed out today's 
news, and how it hasn't changed sadly.
And how together, we can facilitate change.

The morning was upbeat, full 
of promise and brotherhood for 
people of all cultural backgrounds
and sexual orientation.

Uplifting! The Heritage Chorale

Take a look at some of the photos 
of the morning event!

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