Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chilly Tuesday!

This is perfect weather for the Cherry Blossom Festival organizers! It slows down the process a bit, even with the nice sunny weather. The New Haven Register today said that the park is about 20% in bloom, but they must not be reading our Blossom Blog! We'd say about 15% now on Hughes Place, and besides the new trees that bloom whenever they feel like it in the park, I would say that the park has not even begun to pop! I am still sticking to my Friday for full Pop on Hughes Place, with the park 3-5 days after. AND, the cold weather could plus or minus a few days. Unless Gil Simmons decides to tell you in his morning forecast that the blooms are popping one day then it would be best to stay tuned!!  Don't forget to check out the You Tube slideshow of last years blossoms! The bloom right before your eyes!

More Pictures!
View from Balcony overlooking Hughes Place

On Chapel Street looking east

Some Blossoms, but mostly just pink showing

Pink Nation!