Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday starts damp then Blossoms Soak up Sakura Sun

Only 5 Days until the 

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!!

Now when I say blossoms, I mean the select few that have popped,
Of course, we have our tree in full blossom on the corner of Academy and Chapel Street. 

Luisa Delauro Corner

The corner was name after Ms. Delauro had (and has) been the longest serving Alderwoman, 30 years representing Wooster Square's district.  Luisa Delauro is being honored this year at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Come down Sunday from noon to 5.

The best part? It's all free! But bring some cash to by some great food, goodies not to mention arts and crafts! I will have a table at the festival too. Taking photos of the festival falls to two other local photographers, Chris Randall and Jeffrey Kerekes who love New Haven as much as we do!

So will the blossoms be out for the festival? Well, they still haven't popped yet on Hughes Place. The order of full bloom starts on Hughes Place, then Academy and Wooster Place pops last. Or they pop all at once! Or they don't! You see, the Cherry Blossoms are pretty fickle. 

We are getting close on Hughes Place. By Sunday, it will be popping or peaking. The rest of the park will be in varying stages. Something for everyone and bring the whole fam damily!

Let's look at the photos from yesterday and today.
The sun is just coming out, so head over to Wooster Square!

First to pop on Hughes Place,
next to the warm light.

Monday's rainbuds

Pink in the air

The bird is the word

Nite Lites

puffy buds 4-6 days to peak

Hughes Place Tuesday 4/21/15

Corner of Academy Street and Greene Streete

Seats reserve just for you!

History Loves Company

Park's Pretty in Pink People!

view from Chapel Street down Court Street to
World Famous Historic Wooster Square!!

Wooster Square is not just for the birds!

Pink Nation!

City park view

Court Street Colors

Pink Nation Too!

Land of ahs

purple people pleasers

From my lips, these are tulips

Fun Fence Foto reFlection
(see the fence in the drop?

All spruced up the the big day!

the excitement builds

Hughes Place north

Academy Street

Flowers on the fence

Big Bud

Soon to be jaw dropping blossoms!

The sun is shining here in Wooster Square!

Don't forget plan on Sunday, noon to 5pm!

See You Round the Square!