Friday, April 24, 2015

Fantastic Fun Friday kicks off Cherry Blossom Festival Weekend!

Wooster Square's Warm(er) Weather Will Welcome in the 

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!

It's time to face the music. My kind of music is played beneath a Blossoming Wooster Square Sakura Tree. On a blanket, with a slice of Abate's pie, an espresso, some italian ice and the one I love.

Corner of Sunshine and Happiness
(Academy and Chapel Streets,
Luisa Delauro corner)

Well my fine friends, that day is upon us! Sunday is the Cherry Blossom Festival and everyone has been hard at work. Even our Cherry Trees are cooperating to some extent. Hughes Place could PoP! any moment and one tree has. Many in Wooster Square are starting to blossom too. 

Last year, I predicted that our Hughes Place Blossoms would peak on April 26. There is still a chance, once they pop, its only a few days to peak.

There are only 2 days until the festival you say? Well, of course you will see trees in all sorts of the blooming process. The weather is holding out nicely, predicting 62 and partly sunny. 

Dress warmly for the Festival. We are only blocks from Long Island Sound and if the wind comes off the sound, it can be downright chilly! But you will have blossoms, dancing, bands and lots and lots of food!

The Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival is this Sunday, April 26, 2015! 

Noon to 5:00pm

Great fun for the whole family.

Let's take a look at the 
Wonderful World of Wooster Square, 
today, April 24, 2015!

Pink and White Tunnel to Wooster Square

New Sakura Tree Planted on Hughes Place
(all the neighbors sign up to water it daily)

It's past peak, but has some hangers on...

Holy Hanami Horror!
(usually squirrels or wind)

Pink dreams

Park is coming along

Blossom Fountain

New Crop moving in
(this is a different type of cherry tree that blossoms a little later than the ones that surround the park.)

From my two lips to your ears:
Head to World Famous Historic 
Wooster Square Sunday!

Fiery fun folks!

Get up close and personal!

Ok, it may make common sense to most. But please!
Don't break off branches or shake them 
to make the blossoms fall off!

You see it every year, in Washington DC they
post signs and enforce fines.

We just sick Zippy on you.

Rock star Italian Greyhound,
Wooster Square Dogfather,
my rescue

I rescued this baby boy and they said he 
was sight challenged and no one wanted a 
black dog because this breed has all
sorts of weird colors. The Italian
Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds, 
bred for royalty.

Unfortunately, like bad hips in some dogs, IG's (as they are called) can go blind from birth. A macular degeneration where eventually Zippy did go
fully blind. And to add insult to injury, he had to have his eyes removed as they were becoming painful.

Now Zippy is happy and has no idea 
that he doesn't have any eyes!

Bart Connors Szczarba and Zippy Connors

Back to the park!!

Court Street Colors

Sunny Days are here again!

Pink Nation!

Parks a poppin people!

Sunday, Funday!

jaw dropping ahs

Join the pink, white and blue celebration!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!


History Loves Company

White Delights

1000 words

Hanami here

Pretty Pink Pinwheels

Pink Nation!

Table is being set

Diffuse Delectable Daffodils Delight

Pink Nation!

Park Pleasers

All H-e-double hockey sticks
is about to break out here in our 
Sweet Sakura Square 
Humble Perfection!

Saturday night!
A pre-festival concert!
(donations accepted)

Nationally recognize local talent 
will be showcased!

Come to the concert Saturday night at
St Michael's at 7:30.

Be Square!
Wooster that is!

See you at the concert Saturday!

I have a table at the festival,
stop by and say hi!

Come Sunday Noon to 5!

Make tracks for Wooster Square!

See You Round the Square!