Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Humpday starts welcoming, but wind, rain and thunder? OH MY!

Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms at critical stage, vulnerable to frost and high winds

Spring is finally here in New England. The fierce winter we had has pushed off growing seasons all over by about two weeks. And in keeping with that theme, our blossoms are just coming to life just in time for our Annual Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

As I walked the park this sunny Wednesday morning, the parks department was hard at work. Even Christy Hass, the Head of the Parks department was there giving direction to the dozen or so workers and heavy equipment. (photos to follow). 

After taking 20 dozen photos I came back to Blossom Blog headquarters to load them into the mainframe.
Finding out that I have forgot to drop letters in the box and take out some trash, so off Chyna and Roxie and I went to the box by Wooster Square Park.

I bumped into Charlie Murphy, Festival co-chair. On the blossoms, we exchanged notes, opinions, a couple of recipes, graphs, weather and proclaimed the blossoms are doing great and hope to be popping all over on Sunday!

(her birthday was yesterday)

Rockette Wooster Square

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Let's take a walk around the Wonderful World of Wooster Square and see the Sakura Celebration Starting and you can see for yourself! 

Here's a treat right at St. Johns and Hughes Place

Pure Pink

Open for the festival!
(puffy, 4 - 6 days to peak)

Several others sweet square sakuras poppin!

Lookout! They're gunna blow!
Hughes Place South

We've set the stage

Speaking of the park, it's being all spruced up.
All volunteers to it to give back to the neighborhood.
But the festival could not go on without the support of the City of New Haven, and the Parks Department's Christy Hass.

New Haven's Park Department head,
Christy Hass, making sure everying
is ship shape in our sweet little
slice of shangri-la. 

Nice Job Christy and crews!!

Debris to be picked up from last nights storms

Working hard for Sunday's Sakura Celebration!

The Park department brought back our old
steel garbage cans, replacing these temporary cans.
They will have plenty of trash cans so please
be sure not to litter so others may
enjoy it beauty!

Red and blues for you

Corner of Academy and Greene is
about to be popping.

Pink Nation!

Academy Street north

Park is getting greener

Pretty pink purses pack power

History loves Company

Historic Hanami Heritage Here

Chapel Street

There will be a pop up New Haven
Clock exhibition at Maresca's Funeral
home the day of the festival
(picture behind blossoms)

Discover Columbus, eat a cannoli!

East side of park a tad slower to pop, or not!

Time stands still under the blossoms

Bee Happy in Wooster Square.

Hey, come to think of it, wouldn't it be fun
to dive face first into a huge blossom?

Must be, this little buzzer did it over and over!

Get your buzz on!

The cycle of life

Excitement is building!

Take a walk around our historic hanami heaven.

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Photographer Alert!

It's a great time to get to the park and take some photos, from beginners to
professionals. Are you doing a wedding shoot or an engagement shot?
Good time in the next few days.

Want to learn some pointers?

It's about Washington DC, but
you get the jist.

House Sparrow eating blossoms!

Stay tuned for after the storm updates!

See You Round the Square!