Friday, May 15, 2015

Blossoms Down but things are looking Up here in Historic Wooster Square!

2015 Wooster Square Blossoms Official Complete Report!

Petals Floated, Fell;
We shall wait another year;
Their Beauty remains
Bart & Cheryl's Haiku 2015

Yes, year end report. Hard to believe, we plan, we wait, we speculate, we yawn, we wonder, we procrastinate and before you know it, our Blossom Beauties have come and gone. Oh sure, you'll find some of the other cherry trees in the park blooming, and even some of the Square's Sakuras have a blossom or two. 

Our Fantastically Fun, Fickle Fawning Flowers fell, floated and fallen, fine fellow flower following fans...
replaced by the greening of all our flowers and fauna.

Morning Mindfulness

Earlier in the week we had the
attack of the cherry stems!

Stems stick around

We have had so little rain here in 
the Wonderful World of Wooster Square
that we are about 3 inches behind.

We were lucky during the peak blossom time that 
we had little to no rain, which has a dreary
effect to our pink and white pretties.

While I have the Blossom mainframe fetch
the Hanami History for 2015...
take a look around the Square!

Just like that, blossoms to leaves

Colorful History

Park Pizza Picnic Time!

Blossom of a different cherry

New growth

Tiny cherries

Your table is waiting

Sakura Shade

Green Tunnel to Happiness

Court Street Colors

Lively Lilac

Benches to be rehabbed!

White Winning Wonders!

Come take a stroll!

Official 2015 Blossom Report!

What a Blossom year we had this year. Very noticeably, the younger trees on 
Wooster Place side of the park are
really coming into their own.

And without any wind and rain to speak of,
our blossoms stayed quite a while.

Let's look at the report!

click to enlarge

This year almost mirrored last years blossoms.
Our 2015 blossoms Popped on April 27. When they peaked on April 30, they stayed that way for 
3 glorious days of sun and fun that finally
ended on May 7th.

The two highlighted years, are tough years
to explain. I spoke (emailed) with Washington 
DC's head blossom guesser and he
had no explanation for the early peak either.

Fickle Fun Flowers!

Don't forget to head to the
Wooster Square Farmer's Market
Saturday, 9-1pm!

See you at the Market 


See You Round the Square!