Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday's Blossoms Few and Far Between, Mostly Done!

Wooster Square Suddenly, Seamlessly Streams to Summer!

Are the blossoms over? Not quite, there still are a lot of trees that have blossoms in some form or other. Even our perpetually blooming tree on the corner of sunshine and happiness (Academy Street and Chapel Street) has some blossoms going strong. 

But all in all, for all intensive purposes, not for nuthing.... our Wooster Square's peak blossoms are in the calendar book. Not quite analyzed to the exact date, but it looks like we peaked around April 30 to May 2, next week I expect to have all the data wrapped up, chartilized, and graphed. 

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog will take an earned break until next week. Take a look at some photos from today, Wednesday, May 6, 2015!

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Going Green

Pink still to be found...

but mostly on the ground

Bonzai Blossoms Bidding Bye Bye
(Sadly, this tree has to come down, but a new one will be planted in its place)

Any of you Dills like to Dance?
(All male daffodills are all yellow-
females just yellow in the center)
((please don't believe everything you read))

Hughes Place

Fence Foto Fun!


Mostly sticks & seeds left
(some do get a cherry)

Your table is ready

Court Street Colors

Pink tears

Sparrow in a type of flowering tree...

Future big leaves!

Pink Nation!
(dogwood barking)

Blossom Blog Satellites Scouring Data

Blossoms Blowing Bye Bye

All the blossom data should be out by early
next week. Don't forget to head to
Wooster Square Saturday for the 
Cityseed Farmers Market!

Most of all

Happy Mother's Day!

See You Round the Square!