Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wooster Square Park Shines for Farmers Market Opening!

Wooster Square's City Seed Market one of America's top 10 
According to USA Today

New Haven's Wooster Square boasts two of the top 5 Pizza's in the USA!

All that and Cherry Blossoms on Top!

Literally hundreds of people turned out to picnic and hang out Hanami Style on Saturday!

The light winds and willing blossoms went to the air and made for a lot

of great memories and photos.

I saw at least a dozen photographers shooting everything from Wedding parties to engagement photos, to new babies too!

Of course there was everyone else documenting the process on their favorite dedicated dutiful device.

Such great weather, so many photos.

So I'll let google, who stores my photos and then mucks with them 
(with my permission) 
and puts them into a gif or just puts google's own spin on your photos. All for free if you 
don't want to keep the larger sizes
(google: send check to:
Wooster Square Blossom Blogger
care of:
World Famous Wooster Square!)

We are still peaking, I think tomorrow you will 
notice more blossom snow!

Careful, beautiful when freshly fallen!

(be patient, the gifs may slowly load,
especially if you're about to 
decidedly dump the Dud Device)

Up to two inches of blossom drifts possible

These are honey bees that found a hankering
for New Haven Style Pizza, er Buds!

Italian Consulate

Robin on Court Street in Cherry Tree

Blowing Tippee Tops!

All leaves down on this Sweet Sakura

This Tree Sparrow has lots to Sing about!

Coco does the Cherry Blossom Shuffle in the park!

Court Street Colors

Tufted Titmouse Singing too for the blossoms
 to pop not too long ago!

You can't eat just one!

Female Cardinal inspecting blossoms earlier

Bee Happy in Wooster Square!

Sunday Snow Blossom Flurries!

Pink Nation!

Do the Cherry Blossom Shuffle to Wooster Square!
Blossoms still just past peak Sunday
May 3, 2015! Monday we will do more

Blossom Mathematics!

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See You Round the Square!