Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Green quickly displacing Pink In Historic Wooster Square!

Time to get your favorite Pizza Pie and 

Picnic in our Precious Park!

Nothing warms ones cockles like having pizza from your favorite Wooster Street Restaurant... be it Abates (a-bot-ayes) who worked at Pepe's for years, Pepe's (voted #1 pie in the USA), Anastasio's, or Sally's (voted #5 pie in the USA)... well you can't go wrong.

Wanna bring your favorite pie, well, that's ok too. I don't mind ordering at BAR, and sipping on their own craftmade beer made right on premises. BAR is #24 in the USA. Many New Haveners prefer Modern, which stands at #12 in the country. 

We New Haveners love our New Haven Style pizza.
Thin crust, burnt slightly in a brick oven. Only quality ingredients. Best cheeses. MMMM.

Another tactic might be to send your better half (which ever that is) to Libby's for some cannolis for dessert whilst the lesser half (the one not allowed in Italian Pastry shops or they would come out with $100 worth of cookies....) gets the pizza and meet somewhere designated beforehand.

There still are some blossoms in spectacular states.
Others really left town on the latest breeze.

Stay tuned for tomorrows report, the Blossoms could be declared "over", but not just yet!

Take a look around the Wonderful World of Wooster Square as our Cherry Blossoms go as fast as a blink of an eye!

Last call at Joe's blossom bar

Not quite over, but this may be close.

Pink Puddles

A few good ones still to be had

Preposterously Pretty Pink

Transitioning Trees Tantalize

We've put out the pink carpet!

 Chapel Street Colors

See you next year blossoms!
(I write this blog year round, more often
when the blossoms are doing their thing)

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Green has a hold on this one.

One last fling!

Big Pink something.

Pink Nation!

Fiery Friends

Wooster Square Waits

Bring a blanket, cooler add pizza and have fun!

Summers Coming, news at 11!

The Blossom Blog mainframe, with connections to the National Park Service, the National Service Agency, Nate Silver, and Arianna Huffington*
will analyze the data on the 
2015 Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms.
(*some of the above may not be accurate)
We should have those giggles and bytes analyzed 
against previous years to make it
final dates and numbers to put
an exclamation point on a great
year here in our little slice of Shangri-la.

See you Round the Square!