Monday, May 4, 2015

Pink on the ground, Pink in the Air, Pink Everywhere!

Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms Still a Sight to See & 

the Place to Be!!

Everyday the Park changes as more of the blossoms are on the ground or in the air! The slightest breeze sets off a pink cascading pinkerfall (think waterfall).

Plenty of patient people posing, primping and pining
for the next breeze to bring the blossom snow into the picture... memories of a lifetime here in the Wonderful World of 
Historic Wooster Square!

Let's take a look at the Park 
to see all the beauty that is 
Pink Nation!!

Hughes Place South
Still the pink and white tunnel to Happiness!

Pink Nation!

Blossom Bummer

Purple finch finds flying flowers fun!

Park Pleaser

Tippee Tops
Blossom drifts

Pink Ball Beauties

1000 words

Hypnotising Hanami!

Morning Delights

Fading Fast Flower Fans!

Holy Hanami Hyperventilate!

Wooster Place South

Pink busting out everywhere

Fiery Friends
(the red in the background are Cherry
trees in the Conte School Courtyard
that are about to Pop.)

Warm, Welcoming...Wooster Square

Cardinal loves Wooster Square

We, didn't get any memo!

Maple meets Blossoms

Other blossoms

Follow the pink blossom road!

Historic Highs

Dandy King of the Blossoms

Fleeting, fading but fun!

Pow! Pink!

From my two lips to your ears,
the blossoms are fading fast!

Last few days, thankfully we have
had no rain since they popped.

Our own Wooster Squarian Gil Simmons, of News 8 and the Storm team weather, came to 
Wooster Square as part of a series
on being Italian in Connecticut.

We gave him a Wooster Street mug!
(you can order them on the right)

Gil interviewing local Wooster Squarian

Gil Simmons and Bart Connors Szczarba

Beeing happy

Singing happiness!

Seeing is believing!

Chapel Street Colors

Time for a pizza park picnic people!

Now is the time for the last half of our
sweet Square Sakura's shining stars!

a little birdie told me...

better hurry!

Blossom Snow!

See You Round the Square!!