Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015-2016 Annual Astute, Arduous, Admonition & Arguably Absolutely Asinine,.. Advice For Freshman!

Forthwith Fall Fun here in Historic, 

World Famous Wooster Square!

What a difference a day makes. Or let's say the last day of summer. Remember summer? Here in our Sweet Scenic Splendid Sakura Square, we had incredibly nice Summer weather. According to Blossom Blogs' Chief Meteorologist, +Gil Simmons , we were about 6 inches behind in the rain department.

It didn't rain all summer really. Until now of course. The east coast is flooded, with a Hurricane that thankfully looks to veer off. Luckily. And the recent deluge put a dent in that, plus pulled the temps to a comfortable 50's and 60's.

Did you hear that Wooster Square is Connecticut's Brooklyn? Well, according my friend and close adviser to the WSBB*, Arianna, (Huffington Post), there's a Brooklyn in every state.
*It's important not to believe everything on the internet,
least of all here!

So as to what that means, is any ones guess. However, common absolute accurate acumen would say it means it's a cool and hip place to live, or visit! 

Far Out Man!

For those in the know, Wooster Square is home to New Haven Style pizza, and 2 of the top 5 pizza joints in the country, including #1 Frank Pepe's!

Wooster Street Arch

What makes you cool? Good Pizza I guess!
And they said our Wooster Street Comedy Club
Joker's Wild. Oh, and our Pole Dancing studio
(think exercise people!)
just a couple doors down from the soon
to open on Wooster Street (copy cat)
Fuel Coffee Shop!

Check out this article from, 
that tells you everything you need to 
know about New Haven Style Ahbeetz.

Here at Blossom Blog headquarters now on
Wooster Street, the Blossom Mainframe 
is still diddling its bits, unpacking bytes
and getting settled in. More about this years 
Blossom Bonanza is coming, with all the 
analysis that is totally unnecessary, 
somewhat interesting and hopefully a bit
funny, moving and meaningful.

The Blossom Mainframe has reached it's
Blossomation for 2016!!!

But, before we get to our Annual Advice for For Freshman, and the exciting date for next years Peak Poppadge (peak bloom), let's take a look around 
the Wonderful World of Wooster Square!

Funky fence foto fun!

And that eclipse of the moon!

Super Moon, Historic Wooster Square

And of course it was one of the blood
orange ones...

Just above tree line, wish upon a star!

Blood orange flower!

History LOVES company!
(pizza too.)

Sweet Sakura Sundown

Park's perfect for pizza pie picnics people!

Indian Summer?

Columbus pondering position

Meaningful moments, meaningful memories

Bright delights!

Rock Star Status

Wooster Street

One of three High Schools in Wooster Square
(High School in the Community, Metropolitan Business Academy)

Pink and mellow yellow

Cheryl and I went on the Connecticut River Quest
Tree Swallow cruise again. Every night is different
and truly one of the wonders of the world!

Osprey over Gillette Castle

Hundreds of thousands fill the air!

Caught this bald eagle catch a fish!

One tiny tree swallow

Eagle in tree

Great Egret

Swallows Swoon, slowly southbound

Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Annual Advice for Freshman!

Just thinking about going to a new school as
a freshman, you get all sorts of wild willies.
Yes, it was hard. But we all did it.

1. Be yourself, try to talk to people, in the
    Midwest, we just talk about the weather...

2. If you don't know ask. Everybody doesn't know
    everything ('cept my wife!)

3. Move! Don't just sit there. Go for a hike, join a club, play intramural sports. Hey, give it a shot and do some homework! Some of these friendships you gain as a freshman, you have for life!
(Right Tod?)

Important! You must always read the latest issue of the Wooster Square Blossom Blog!!

You just might miss an 

 Wooster Square Blossom Blog 

Even through our move, the Blossom Mainframe
has been in close contact with the National 
Park Service, the National Weather Service
Eric Snowden and Nate Silver to
accurately pick our Peak Poppadge 
(75% of trees are in full bloom)

None of the above can claim 5 years 
of 100% accuracy in telling you when 
the blossoms are beaming brightly*
*I just take pictures everyday, you follow along and you won't miss our Sweet Sakura's Shining So Sweetly!

Wooster Square's Cherry Trees
Will Peak on April 24, 2016!!

All we have to do now, is wait...

Peak 2011

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More on the blossoms, 
Wooster Square in the next post!


See You Round the Square!