Monday, October 26, 2015

Fantastic Fall Foliage Fun in Historic Wooster Square!

Wooster Street Pepe's and Sally's 
both in the top 
10 Apizza Apies in the USA!

New Haven Style Pizza, born here on Wooster Street, is once again hallowed ground in the Pizza world. Sorry, but someone has to be the champion of cheese and sauce! Throw on Clams? Why not, it's the #1 Pie in America according to the Daily Meal. 

It's the pizza people!

Pepe's white clam pizza (#1) and Sally's signature tomato pie (#5) are a must for you many maniacal mozzarella masticating munchers!

That could be why the lines have been pretty 
healthy the last couple of weeks! To eat the best pizza in the world, one must have patience.

Or, take it out and eat it in our Scenic, Sleepy
Sweet Sakura Square of Humble Perfection!

Park is Picnic Perfect!
Bring a Frisbee and don't forget the cannoli!

Coming as promised is a further breakdown
of the Cherry Blossoms for 2014.

But not yet. The Blossom Blog Mainframe is putting together a time lapse
5 years in the making!

Stay tuned! All this and more if
you follow the World's First
(and only)

Earlier in last week, we hit the road and went to the Hopkins Inn in Warren Connecticut.

Surprisingly good German food
on a lakeside setting.

Resplendent Radiance

Hail to the red orange and green!

Fiery Fence Foto Fun

Here back in Wooster Square, we
have our fair share  of color everywhere.

Warren Street Wows.
(Also a Cherry Tree Lined Street,
just off Wooster Street.)

History loves Company!

Pink Nation!

Morning Glory

Take a stroll back in time.

360 State from Wooster Square

Fall Blossoms Burning Brightly

Daisies do delight

Learn some Latin...

I took a ride to see if I could find any migrating 
birds at Lighthouse Point Park, and of course,
was not disappointed!

Silly Shy Swamp Sparrow

Northern Harrier fly by

These are Brants, a type of goose. They breed in the summer up in the Arctic circle. They are only seen along the west and east coasts, rarely inland.
Quite a sight steps from Wooster Square!

Wooster Square waits!

Days are getting shorter!

Lots of green left!

Cheryl and I ventured out to the Hamden/New Haven line where our resident eagles hang out. We saw three in the trees, these two further down near 
New Haven!

Adult and juvenile Bald Eagles

Juvenile in Flight

One nest is located by train tracks

Picturesquely Perfect Pleaser!

Fuel Coffee shop is now open on Wooster Street!
Stop by before or after the Farmers Market,
only steps away.

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See You Round the Square!