Sunday, November 1, 2015

Impressive, Enormously Immense, Eerily Ephemeral, Epigrammatically Entertaining was our Blossom Blast for 2015!

Wooster Square Rocks Blossom World! 

5 Year Time Lapse on Hughes Place!!

It's fitting here, at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog, that we take a look back but with an eye on the future. You see, we are approaching six months since our Cherry Trees bloomed, and six months until the Park will shine again with pink and white hues.

The last post, I revealed the date of 2016's peak poppadge (75% of trees in full bloom) will be April 24, 2016. How does one come upon such a date? Well, very carefully. It helps that the Blossom Blog Mainframe has access to Yale's Supercomputer, NSA files, Nate Silver, Alex Trebec,The Yale Urban Initiative and my secret weapon, google! If you follow the blog, there's no mystery as when the World Famous Cherry Trees will Blossom. For the past 5 years, the World's first Photoblogumentary has an amazing 100% accuracy in its Blossomation* 
*(I take pictures everyday so you won't miss our sweet sakura scene.)

Yes, with the blessing of the Historic Wooster Square Association, over 5 years of Beautiful Bright Bevies of Bountiful Breathtaking Blossoms. Add in the Wooster Squarian sage, an occasional haiku, New Haven Style Pizza news and views, and most of all you... cause
without readers this would sound, well kind of silly.

So I did some digging. 

Turns out there is a medical* term: 

Blossomation Affectation Disorientation, 
Hanami Hysteria.
Patients who suffer from BADHH experience a joy of being entertained, educated and enlightened... 
Who like to laugh, love New Haven - #gscia, Pizza, and Wooster Square. They are apt to be seen wandering the park looking at trees in a trance like state, with a strange smirky smile. Strangley, their diet consists mostly of pizza and cannolis, consumed
primarily in Wooster Square park.
*Yes, its true, you shouldn't believe everything on the internet!

5 year time lapse of Hughes Place?

As I mentioned, I have over 100,000 photos
of our Cherished Cherry Trees. To document, process and help predict when they will bloom. So what did I do with the help of youtube and google, was 
string 5 years of photos together. I stand in
the same spot on Hughes Place. I don't use
a tripod so they are shot free hand. Google edits them into a nice little package, a little more stable.

But first? Of course, without photos what would we have here? A bunch of words from the Blossom Blogger who clearly suffers from BADHH!

Fall into Wooster Square!

Color in the sky, make you wanna get
an apizza pie!

Fine divine vines

Fall Blossoms

Warm, Welcoming Wooster Square

Early risers find new countries

Hughes Place Pink and White Blossom Tunnel
Now, decidedly dropping...drooping.

Not a killing frost here near the shore

Your table is waiting

Come take a walk back in time

Lots of Color to come!

Court street Colors

Friendship house freshened up!

Just in vine.

Cheryl's Cooking

Wooster Square Howls!

Eagle Landing in Hamden!

Mom and eaglet

See you mom!
Kids these days!

Now open on Wooster Street!

Now if you follow me on twitter @blossomblogger,
you got a sneak peak of the 
5 years time lapse
on Hughes Place in 
World Famous Historic Wooster Square!

The sad news, is that they took down 5
Cherry Trees on the East Side of Hughes.

They will be replaced and 
adopted by neighbors that
faithfully water them for
2 whole years!

It will be a while before this could be reproduced!

CAUTION: watching the video repeatedly can cause
symptoms of BADHH. 
If this happens, drop device & dash to the docs!

This is 5 years of great blossoms!

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Stay tuned for some more fall photos,
charts from last years blossoms, pizza
and so much more!

Keep Calm

See You Round the Square!